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Up there

©Roger Bultot

Take me up there,” she said, pointing at the high-storey building in front of them.

He had asked what she wanted to do for their first day in the city together. He had been there for two months already before their schedules coincided enough for her to be able to visit.

He was planning on surprising her during the few days she was there. He wanted her to stay there with him. And as soon as their eyes met when she arrived, he was certain of it.

He was going to propose up there, with a view of the city.

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10 thoughts on “Up there

  1. He’s a romantic soul. The view from the top of that building would show the city brilliantly, I imagine. I have my fingers crossed for them.

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  2. I’m happy for the love these two share with each other. Nice to have a happy ending.

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  3. One must make tall sacrifices for love. But this shall go well. It must. 🙂

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  4. With a great view over the city; will she say yes?

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  5. That looks like a good place to propose.

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