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Work and play

© David Stewart

I have to work”, he said springing out of bed with a look of utter distress. The anguish of being behind schedule for all his deliveries fed his insomnia for days.

The weekend retreat did not help at all. The days were OK as long as they were walking outside in the fresh air. But his mind was constantly pounded by the professional obligations he had yet to fulfil.

I know, but first you need to fuel yourself with some energy,” she replied to him tentatively placing a tray filled with a rich breakfast.

He couldn’t refuse the care received.

Also part of Friday Fictioneers

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6 thoughts on “Work and play

  1. Ah, the modern world and its stresses. We are so much better off than our ancestors, but we still haven’t figured out that work/life balance thing, have we?

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  2. It’s hard to get the balance right between taking time for self-care and fulfilling obligations. He’s lucky to have someone to help him look after his own needs.

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  3. And what a wonderful breakfast it is. 🙂

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