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Pull up a chair

© Dale Rogerson

The best thing about having a yard (or a balcony) is that you can go outside and watch the world go by, without actually needing to socialise with anyone.

It helped during those unprecedented lockdowns. And it certainly serves this very purpose when you’re caught in a loop of not really wanting to see or talk to anyone, but want to be outside.

Snowy days are the best for this.

It’s too dangerous to slip and break, and thus it’s recommended to not go outside.

So pull up a chair, lay back, relax, and just observe life as it happens.

Also part of Friday Fictioneers

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8 thoughts on “Pull up a chair

  1. There’s nothing like watching the world go by, while not having to invite it in. We all need time to be in our own space. Nicely told.

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  2. Winter Zen Master, kudos!

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  3. Nothin like a good old chair.

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  4. You have described one of life’s little moments of luxury. Nice.

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