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Clean Slate

© Na’ama Yehuda

Love stories of the past are like wilted flowers. Their time – and season – has ended. They were wonderful while they lasted, but they had a due date. And it has expired.

We need to let them go. Throw them out so that we have space to bring in new ones. Fresh, colourful, scented, alive. Ones that remind us that there is a bright future ahead and it’s up to us to make it prosperous.

We can remember, but it should not affect us. Perhaps that is the hardest to master.

Some flowers last forever; those we should nourish.

Also part of Friday Fictioneers


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14 thoughts on “Clean Slate

  1. Wonderful advice. Nicely done.

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  2. Lots of good advice here. We walk a fine line between the past and the future.

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  3. Life’s continual renewal. Nicely done.

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  4. Tender care will make flowers and love last longer. Drought kills both.

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  5. I always try to make my next love blossom brighter and stronger.

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  6. But also perhaps, never forgetting

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  7. I suspect it is faithfulness that keeps those love stories alive.

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