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High walls

©Lisa Fox

The problem with setting boundaries and lifting up walls is that people will get upset when you finally do. Some conveniently exploit your inability to often say ‘no’ and it startles them once you do. When you begin to demand more, you’ll meet resistance. We seek more because we give out more too. But fairness in this world doesn’t work that way. And it’s something we learn in pain.

We build walls to protect ourselves. Our values and our own well-being. And those who see that, who love us regardless, will climb them up or surpass them to find us.

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3 thoughts on “High walls

  1. Boundaries are there for a reason. It’s up to each to decide where they are. I also agree that if you love a person you have to know how to navigate their boundaries with respect.

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  2. Building walls around our selves to protect our love ones and emotions, but we should also have doors to let some people in.


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