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Whispering Silences

Dinner is served

©Jennifer Pendergast

It was a dinner party I didn’t want to attend. But my friends pressed on. “Just put on a smile, as fake as it may be and come. At least you’ll eat well, it’s guaranteed,” they prompted.

I pushed myself to abide.

I had no expectations whatsoever.

And perhaps that was the best thing of all.

That was what made it so great.

Because he was there.

You don’t know it from the start, but all it takes is one person to change your life. To make you fall in love and to not remember how you lived without them.

Also part of Friday Fictioneers

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21 thoughts on “Dinner is served

  1. Low expectations are frequently rewarded. Nicely done. Creative.

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  2. I know more than a couple of times when I pushed past that barrier of resistance and did whatever it was there was a very pleasant “reward.”

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  3. It’s not always easy to give in and give it a go, but often it’s well worth the joining in. Nicely written!

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  4. Instinct prevails sometimes. Courage and perseverance conquers the rest. Thanks, wishing you a restful weekend.

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  5. Sometimes it is good to go even if you don’t want to.

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  6. So very true – that’s what makes life and love so exciting 🙂

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  7. I tried to read this in many ways and concluded, her friends knew about him and arranged the dinner party for her-even though she didn’t think so.

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  8. Thank goodness she let her friends persuaded her!

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