MC's Whispers

Whispering Silences

Aiming for…the target

CUPID archer reindeerSanta woke up by the sound of window crashing and with an arrow on his butt. Muffles could be heard. Hooves jostling on the wooden floors and havoc ensued.

“CUUUUUPID!!!!!” he yelled!

Mrs Claus came in with a bowl of hot water. She knew how to treat an arrow head in the skin. After all, this wasn’t their first time.

Cupid was ashamed. Again. He didn’t mean for the arrow to hit Santa. He was practicing his archery you see, the thing he loved the most. And he was actually aiming for the target in front of him. So, it wasn’t really his fault that the arrow flew behind him instead.

“Maybe you just need to practice more,” Blitzen said trying to calm him down. “Or maybe you need to use less force,” suggested Dasher. “Maybe it’s the arrows that need to change,” said Prancer.

Cupid felt a bit better. He would try again. After all, practice makes perfect.

Comet handed him his latest invention – a “modern” arrow that would navigate itself and strike the target.

Cupid was certain he would hit bulls-eye this time.

He lifted his oak-tree bow. Placed the arrow in position and pulled back the string launching the arrow with mathematical precision into the air. For some reason though, the arrow made a U-turn and whooshed past them!

Crashing glass was heard and then…

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaoooooowwwwwwwww”, Santa shrieked.

“Whoops!” said Comet and Cupid together! Maybe Santa was the true target?!


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