MC's Whispers

Whispering Silences

Close Encounters of a Reindeer Kind

COMET alien reindeer“Why? Why is it not possible?” he said playfully. “If we are living here, why is it not possible that they are living there? At the other side of the galaxy?” asked Comet inquisitively. “Extra-terrestrial reindeer!”

He was always the one with his head in the clouds. Literally. When flying the sleigh, Comet was the one who always flew the highest. He said he loved the “woolly” feeling of the clouds sliding against his ears.

Comet believed that Santa’s mission should not be confined to this planet alone and that the cheer could be spread throughout the universe. He dreamt of flying into space and delivering gifts to the Martians. So he made it his goal to make the sleigh into a festive rocket-ship which would be able to reach other planets.

They called him a dreamer. But he said he wasn’t the only one.

He put on his work clothes and entered the garage where his test-sleigh was kept. All his tools were set out on the floor around it. There was still a lot to be done. But Comet was sure. He would one day fly (or dance) with the stars.

He began drilling the sides. Then tried to fire-glaze a component he built last week. He called it the “fly cracker”.

Nothing seemed to happen.


“Caboom!” The sleigh rocketed off, flew up for a few metres, then came crashing down.

Santa yelled. And Comet thought, “well, maybe next year!”


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