MC's Whispers

Whispering Silences

“Dancing with my elf”

DANCER dancing reindeerIt was almost daylight. He snuck in from the back door hoping no-one would be up yet. His head was spinning. Perhaps that fifth mojito was a bit too much. But Indeera insisted and he just couldn’t say no. The door creaked (when would Blitzen finally fix it?). He froze. Held his breath for a moment. Then hoof by hoof he made his way to the kitchen. It was still dark. He reached for the fridge and as soon as he opened its door the whole room lit up. ”Wow!” he thought, “that’s bright”.

“Dancer!” yelled Nemoy, the head elf.

“Yellow!” replied Dancer half drunk.

“Where have you been?” shouted Nemoy.

“Em, out to get milk?” said Dancer, turning around. “So where is it then?” asked Nemoy pointing to the empty fridge. “Cows were out” responded Dancer. Nemoy got angry. Dancer couldn’t man-h-oeuvre his way out of this one. He was scolded like no reindeer was scolded before.

But then the hiccups came. That’s what happens due to the anxiety. He thought singing might rescue him and help loosen up the atmosphere. After all, everyone knows it doesn’t take much for an elf to start singing and dancing for no apparent reason. And it worked! Soon a drunken reindeer and a middle-aged elf in its pyjamas were partying-on in the kitchen!

It didn’t take long for everyone else to wake up to out-of-tune carol-like singing. It was official. The holiday season had arrived!


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