MC's Whispers

Whispering Silences

Run Dasher, Run!

DASHERIt was a cold morning up in the North Pole. Dasher woke up at sunrise for his usual morning exercise. You see, he was the sporty reindeer. Accustomed to the discipline and training that comes along with the athletic mentality. He was the fast one, who as a young calf would sprint all across Lapland in no time.

Mrs Claus was up early today. She had to get the cooking going for there was a party tonight to celebrate the countdown to Santa’s payday. Seeing Dasher was up early, and sensing she could get some use out of his speed and agility, she sent him out for some dips for the party. Everyone knew the panda in China made the best ones. So off Dasher speeds into the woods (situated across the borders), when all of a sudden, dark as it was (as it usually is during winter), he strikes into a tree and a chipmunk falls onto his head bearing his acorns with it. Scared as a bunny in a hat, Dasher raced off, running as if there’s no tomorrow. (Yes, for an athlete, he’s not very brave).

“Frap”. Dasher ran into something! Oh! It was a scarecrow and a lion looking for this wizard somewhere. Realizing what happened, they managed to restore his lost courage, so much that he was at the panda’s house and back to La Nieve Vista (a.k.a. Santa’s house) before Rudy lit up. Let the party begin!


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