MC's Whispers

Whispering Silences

Tuning the cheer

BLITZEN reindeer-singing“Jeeeengel Bells Jeeengel Beels” he shrieked and the reindeers covered their ears.

“Blitzen!” shouted Prancer trying to overcome the screeching. “If we are to make any money at all this year, you’re gonna have to at least pretend that you’re singing”. “But I am singing” said Blitzer surprised. “Just try not to yell as much” said Donner.

The reindeers had gone out carol-singing. Blitzen always looked forward to this time of season, for he believed singing was his talent. He saw himself as the Pavarotti of reindeers, the pop-rock-hip-hop-opera star all in one! But none of the other reindeers thought so. Blitzen appeared so sure of himself that he wanted to stand-out, but ended up out-of-tune and yelling.

One day, while visiting Madame Lafreeze to spread the seasonal cheer, as soon as she heard the squealing amidst the singing she thought someone was in pain and rushed to call an ambulance. It took the reindeer about 30 minutes to reassure her no-one was hurt.

Even the pet penguin ran away when Blitzen started to “sing”. And Mrs Claus hid all her crystals. You know, just in case.

One day Blitzen woke up sad. He decided to take a shower to rejuvenate himself. Suddenly, the whole house woke up to the sound of a crystal-clear, beautiful melody. Dancer rushed to the shower, to find Blitzen singing happily. “See what happens, when you’re calm?” he said.

And from then on, Blitzen led the choir! Falalalalalalalala!


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