MC's Whispers

Whispering Silences

While he was sleeping

VIXEN Reindeer_fashionShe chose her finest silk negligée to wear for tonight. Pink and see-through. Sprayed one flick of her sensual aroma in the air to walk through like she saw rich ladies do in the movies. Put on her high-heeled sandals with the fluffy pink feathers and was set. If Prancer saw her, she would have called her pretentious and sluty. But she knew that was the jealousy talking. She was just ravishing. And everyone could see that.

She tiptoed (as much as possible on four inch heels) out of her boudoir and into the hallway. It was dark. The wind had blown-out the side candles and she could barely see where she was going. It’s a good thing she knew exactly where Cupid’s door was. She opened it slightly and heard him rustle the sheets as he rolled over. She slowly walked in. She had played this out in her head so many times, she was certain that it would all go perfectly. She was a diva after all. Simply irresistible. He was covered up over his head. She could barely see anything except the sheets moving. She leaned in and whispered in his ear “don’t worry, I’ll keep you warm tonight”. She lifted up the sheets and crawled in.

“Ouch!!!” yelled Santa and sprang up. “Vixen, what on snow are you doing here?””

Vixen blushed! She had the wrong room! “Bad dream!” she said and rushed out. What a nightmare before Christmas!


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