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BlogShorts 2013

Those lazy summer days

Enjoying lifeEveryone (yes, I’m sure you do too!) has a dream that come August you would be lying on a beach somewhere (Caribbean, Bahamas, Mediterranean – your pick) and just…existing. Enjoying the sun’s rays, the cool summer breeze, the tepid water as the waves whish against you. It’s an ideal summer paradise. Put in a hammock and a cocktail and it’s all there!

But – since it is not always possible to escape reality other than in the idyllic locations created by the mind, Blogdramedy came to the rescue, through a summer challenge. It is called BlogShorts: The Dog Days of Summer. The rules are simple: it lasts 10 days (1-10 August 2013) during which you have to write 10 short stories (one for each of nine famous dogs, and one of your own choosing) of 110 words each.

The famous dogs are: Cujo (Stephen King’s one); Toto (from The Wizard of Oz); Lassie (no clarifications necessary); Fluffy (the three-headed dog from Harry Potter); Eddie Crane (from the TV series Frasier); Snoopy (we all know who that is, right?); Frank (from MIB –Men in Black); Blacktoe (Will Riker’s dog from Star Trek: The Next Generation); and Odie (the cute yellow one with the big tongue from Garfield).

It will be fun! And dogs are always clever, energetic, and slurping little rascals!

So come along and join the fun – just remember to keep your dog on a leash, we don’t want any dog fights outside fiction, it’s too hot for that!


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