MC's Whispers

Whispering Silences

An irregular tune

Fluffy_ponyYou hear Fluffy and you think cute. You presume it’s a little puppy all soft and cuddly.

But what I had before me was nothing like that. It was ghastly, huge and beasty-like. And it was growling. With sputter dripping from its huge jaws and its pointy teeth ready to tear off anything that comes into contact with them.

I seem to remember, though…was it in the second or the third book?…Oh, where’s Harry Potter when you need him?…But I think…imgthree-headed-dog2-1

I grabbed the wooden flute conveniently found in my pocket and started playing.

But why was I lullaby-ing a three-headed dog standing guard before the gates of…whatever that was?!


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