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Unreasonable requisite

There was only one piece of paper missing. He couldn’t find it anywhere. But it was driving him crazy.

He had already gone to the Department twice before.

The first time they said it was “preferable” that he had that specific certificate.

The second time that it was “highly recommended”.

Now, suddenly, it had become a requisite.

It was a simple page of processed timber that proved he had a qualification, which he obviously could demonstrate he knew – the language he spoke.

Yet, a paper could apparently demonstrate it better than his own tongue.

Reason has no limits.

Also part of Weekend Writing Prompt #217


Can I help you?

pilesIt was a bright sunny day. No clouds in the sky. Mr Hudson decided to go to the Citizens’ Service Bureau to collect the necessary forms to complete his tax return.

[Ground floor, after taking a number and waiting 25 minutes]

“Yes, sir. I will have to see your ID please.”

“But I just want that form – A9 – I think it is called. I need that to complete my tax return please.”

“Yes, sir. Can I please see your ID?”

“You can, but why? Anyway, here you go.”

“You have to first fill in the green form – G5. From the third floor.”


“That’s how it goes sir. Fill in that form. We’ll insert it into the system and then you will receive the A9.”

[Third Floor, after 30 minutes waiting in line, a quarrel between two men, and an old lady fainting]

“Good day, I would like a G5 form please.”

“What do you need it for, sir?

“To collect the A9, for my tax return”.

“You need to fill out the B12. You’ll find it on the fifth floor.”

“So I don’t need the G5?”

“No. The B12.”

[Fifth floor, after waiting 15 minutes, giving up his seat for a woman who seemed pregnant but wasn’t and slapped him for having thought so]

“Hello. The B12 please.”

“The B12 sir, is no longer in use. You either need to fill out the C4 or the D8. What do you need it for?”

“To get the A9 for my tax return.”

“The D8. On the fourth floor.”

[Fourth floor, after 25 minutes and with patience running out]

“D8 please.”

“May I see your ID please?”


“We will have to submit an application for the form to be sent to you. It will take about 4-5 working days.”

“Seriously? I have to submit an application for a form to be sent to me, so that I can receive a form which I need to complete my tax return?”

“Yes sir, that is correct.”

“Mmfff. Fine can we submit the application then?”

“I’m sorry sir, but the central offices are now closed for today. You’ll have to come back tomorrow.”

Happened to you?!


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