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The sweet lure was used as an enticement to lure her into doing the things she should when she was little. To eat all her food, to take a bath, to clean her room, sometimes even to go to school or take something to her aunt’s down the street. A lollipop of any form or taste was her temptation. Antonia could be drawn into doing almost anything if promised candy on a stick.

When she grew older though, the lollipops became less frequent. She had gained a sense of responsibility and obligation and didn’t really need a lure to do the things she knew she should. But at holidays and big events, she would always feel the urge to have one – to feel its stickiness on her fingers and its sweetness on her tongue. It was something she had associated with her childhood and with the innocence that came with it. And it was this that would accompany her own children when time came. It was a sweet lure that would progressively teach them to act without its necessity. Because everyone needs an incentive at first. And a sugary treat is something few can refuse.


Also part of Daily Prompt: Lollipop

Can you do magic?

magicfeatherCandy was a sweet little girl. She was usually dressed in a brightly coloured floral dress and had her hair either perfectly combed straight falling onto her shoulders, either in two pigtails on either side. If she stood still long enough people actually thought she was a porcelain doll.
Candy had something special about her. Something that at first she herself didn’t even know.

She could do magic.

Not magic that needed cauldrons and potions, but magic that came from the heart. She discovered it by chance when one day that she was lying sick in bed she waved her hand in a “wish” feigning to close the window and draw the curtains, and all of a sudden it worked. She thought it was a hallucination at first, but the same thing happened when she wished for some more water, and when she magically produced another blanket on her bed.

It was official. Candy could do magic. She hadn’t told anyone though. Who knows what they would do to her – wire her up and treat her like a lab animal. And that is if anyone even believed her.

Candy progressively discovered she could do all sorts of things, which usually involved moving objects around without touching them, and other material stuff. She could not affect human lives, she was not Cupid or Zeus. She could just do some magic.

But she soon realized that all magic comes at a price. Hers was as simple as it was hard. For in order to practice magic, Candy had to be happy. She couldn’t do magic when she was angry or irritated. It was simply impossible. Even when she was so upset she wanted to break the glass window before her, she couldn’t do it no matter how much she tried – and she had tried pretty much everything short of getting a hammer and breaking it herself.

Then one night Candy had a dream that helped her explain all this. A bright pink butterfly in the form of a small twinkling fairy came over and sat on her nose. Staring into her eyes it told her: You only see the magic in your life when you are positive enough to be truly able to view the wonders that lie before you. Anger clouds both your view and your judgment. Try to be happy and positive. Magic will then come naturally.

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