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Counting life wake up looking at the clock. By the time we open our eyes, we’re already stressed that we might be late for something. Before we even realise what day it is or even where we are, we begin counting to see if we have time.

We spend most of our day like this. Calculating. Looking at the clock. Stressing.

Our heads are filled with perceptions about what needs to be done at what time. The fact that we might be late as per our age for some things adds more stress. The same if we are early. It seems that either going too slow or too fast in life is always frowned upon. Everyone will always have something to say. That’s just the way human nature is.

But we all have our own rhythms. And that is the pace we should live by.

Like Einstein said “not everything that counts can be counted and not everything that is counted truly counts”.

Powerfully stated by Jay Shetty in this short video to watch when pressure is mounting, you need “to be able to create meaningful, purposeful, fulfilling lives for yourselves and learn how to use that to make an impact and a difference on the lives of others. That would be true success”.

In the end, it doesn’t matter what other people say or think. All that matters is how you are.


The tenant of the clock


©J Hardy Carroll

It was a present from the global travels of a great uncle. It was a gift passed down each generation. It was one that carried the history of its owners with it.

It was finely crafted and had an essence of another era. It stood out in every home it was placed. But that was its point after all: to remind you that you should stand out of the crowd.

One night in its new location, a faint scratching woke everyone up. It wasn’t the clock ticking.

It was something hiding inside the clock-tower: a tiny kitten seeking a home.


Also part of Friday Fictioneers

The time we never had

Siamese-cat-walking-away-Stock-PhotoHere we are, trying to live the present as it comes. Desperately trying to seize the moment, to make the most out of every opportunity that lingers in front of us. We try to convince ourselves that we are doing the best we can with our time. That we are not letting it go to waste, because that would be a shame.

But deep down we know that nothing can beat a ticking clock.

Whatever will come, will do so either way. All we can do is live, so as to say that we experienced everything we could in the timeframe we had. That we sucked the juice out of life and enjoyed it. With no regrets. Other than the (more) time we never had.

People come in and out of your life constantly. Even with them, their time is always limited. Even if it is with a pet. More so when it is with a pet. Because, sometimes it turns out to be more than that. More than simply an animal, a friend, a companion. Cats are usually the ones who own you. They tie you down without you even realizing it. But you don’t mind. You actually enjoy it and are all the more grateful for it too. Because you know that this bond is for life.

Three years ago today, that specific time was up. At least in this world. That eternal bond doesn’t break. You promised it to each other and you know it. That bond is forever. No matter how quickly time flies. No matter how much more time you wished you had.

Time flies over us, but leaves its shadow behind”. – Nathaniel Hawthorne

The Clock

grandfather clockThe grandfather clock in the hallway was ticking away as dusk was approaching the window and the cold wind crept its way into the living room. It was quiet and the ticking sounded all the more loudly. As if a little woodpecker was chiming in tune with the seconds that past. I loved that grandfather clock. Mostly because it did belong to my grandfather, but also because it seemed so tall, graceful and elegant. So honourable and noble.  And mainly because it reminded you the time, if like me, you had no sense of it whatsoever.

Everything seemed so calm and relaxed. I always dreaded moments like this in movies, because they usually seemed to validate the expression “the calm before the storm”. I was wrapped up under my fleece blanket lying care-freely on the softness of the couch.

Bang! I sprang up startled. Oh, it was only the remote control. It had fallen on the floor. Good thing it wasn’t me who had fallen off the couch! Apparently, I had fallen asleep while watching a movie. Or was it a cartoon? I can’t really remember. And as a reflex while dozing off, I turned the TV’s volume down, so I didn’t know what happened next, what I was actually watching, or more importantly, what time it now was!

I had drifted off and still needed a few minutes to return to reality. But then it happened.

I heard the car door slam, and immediately looked at the clock. OMG! How long was I asleep? They were already back? And I hadn’t done anything! I was right where they left me?!

Jolted up like an elastic spring-bolt, I rushed to the bedroom, gathered up all the clothes and shoes that were scattered around, opened the closet door, and dumped them in. Then, unable to fight the compulsive cleaning obsession that overpowers me, I charged back, took out all the clothes and shoes, and with the tune of Benny Hill in my head as a backdrop, I folded up everything, paired the shoes and tidied it all up in no-time! I then sprinted along the apartment skidding along as the clothed-broom gulped up all the dust. Then ran and threw it in its place again. Ran back to the kitchen – thankfully I had fallen asleep so hadn’t managed to eat anything – rinsed the two glasses in the sink, returned to the living room, tidied up the tea tables and jumped onto the couch, just when the key turned the lock and they both came in with a smile.

“Back so soon?” I said, cheekily. “Time does indeed fly!”

“And you’ve been busy I see,” she said, beaming with pride, “spotless!” she added as she screened around the room!

“Yes, I’m exhausted,” I replied as I crawled back under the blanket. And I could almost swear that I saw that grandfather clock wink at me! He was the only one who knew…

The story is a response to today’s Daily Prompt: The Clock writing challenge

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