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To the moon

“You owe me a full moon”

He found the note when he returned from work that night. She wasn’t there waiting. She had told him she wouldn’t be. She had asked for a moonlight stroll that day. But he was called urgently into work. He could not refuse. There was nothing more she could say.

She had returned to her apartment convinced that sometimes work took priority over her and there wasn’t much she could do in these financially hard times. Work was getting the best of all of us.

The good thing about full moons is that they come every month. Like a female cycle. And there not all that different from each other. It all depends on the circumstances and mood you view them in.

He rang her front door bell at an hour when she certainly wasn’t expecting anyone. She was pleasantly surprised. He appeared at her door with a pink rose. She asked what he was doing there at that time. She knew he was tired after work.

I’m taking you to the moon” is all he said.

Pride and Stubbornness

stubborn-muleZoe and Theodore had fallen in love the minute they met. All it really took was a deep gaze into each other’s chestnut eyes. They were both glowing, an indication of the emotions that had sparked inside of them. But they knew that this relationship was not going to be an easy ride.

Pride and stubbornness does that.

They were both successful in their respective careers. Independent, self-sufficient professionals who had learned how to battle through life and persevere no matter what came their way.

But in a relationship, that wasn’t necessarily a good thing.

Theodore would occasionally back down, allowing Zoe to make the choices – the meal, the restaurant, the movie. But she often felt he was letting her do things so she wouldn’t nag and she detested it, leading to a fight – the kind of ones only women know how to start.

When he wouldn’t call during the day because he was often caught up with heap-loads of work, Zoe refused to pick up the phone and call him herself. And they would spend days wondering why each other didn’t call, waiting, hoping, drowning in thoughts and doubts.

In the end, they realized they were simply suffocating themselves. Something should be done. So they set a specific time by which they would definitely talk on the phone if they hadn’t already. They took turns choosing what they would eat, see, go. They would discuss and make decisions jointly, in rare cases even flipping a coin if it came down to that.

And with time, their pride and stubbornness in their relationship subdued. They realized these feelings had no place in emotions of love. And so they managed to save their life as a couple and ultimately rescue their own sanity. Because sometimes, you do need to let go of a few things and just for a while demonstrate you too have weaknesses.

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