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Time in 8 days, 8 months

8 seconds are all it takes to jolt awake by an alarm clock.
8 minutes may be necessary to get out of bed.
8 days are enough to change a habit.
8 months are required to make it a routine.

8 seconds are abundant for the door to close with your keys inside.
8 minutes are sufficient to take a decision that may change your life.
8 days is the time then spent waffling back and forth.
8 months to realise you’ve made the right choice.

8 seconds are enough to scan through a room.
8 minutes all it takes to start a conversation with someone.
8 days may be wonderfully spent in good company.
8 months may be erased as easily as they began.

8 seconds is all it takes for the mind to turn.
8 minutes for an eruption to destroy a dream.
8 days for your mind to accept what your heart cannot.
8 months is too long to be without an embrace, away from home.

Time is a concept, which we all forsake. We think we have it until it is gone.

We say we don’t have it when we don’t want to do something. Yet we moan there is never enough of it when we are overwhelmed with engagements.

Sometimes you don’t need too much of it, just enough to spend it with people who matter, doing things that satisfy your soul.

“Time is a storm in which we are all lost” – William Carlos Williams

“An inch of time is an inch of gold but you can’t buy that inch of time with an inch of gold” – Chinese Proverb

Some days

There are some days you wish you could forget. Completely erase them from memory if possible.

It’s those days that have made you realise you were wrong about things you thought of differently until that very point. Days that have shaken up your entire mentality and viewpoint on life.

But they are the same days that shattered you to pieces.

Because every change comes with a cost. And it is often painful.

Some days you want to remember for as long as you live.

Some others, you just want to press delete and rewind. To live them over in a better way now that you know.

Those days are the ones that make you stronger, wiser and help you keep going with the hope you won’t repeat the same mistakes.

Every day is a gift as long as we treat it as such.

Those days are some days when you feel like the world has literally fallen on you and crushed you down. When you don’t want to even try and get out of bed. When all you really want is to roll over and fall into the warm embrace of the person you love.

There are days when everything seems futile. When you can’t seem to take any decisions, because even that seems too difficult. When you wish someone else could take all the responsibilities off your shoulders.

There are some days when your emotions are triggered by the slightest of things. When your sensitivity hits another level. When it is so easy for you to start crying just because it is what may make you feel some sort of relief.

There are those days when you just want to know that somebody cares. That somebody is there to look after you when you’re not feeling you. When you want to let go and get lost in the arms of someone who loves you. When you want to feel just as loved as all the love you have on offer. When you want to believe that the world is not as harsh as it reveals itself to be sometimes. And that in those very days, everything can become right. By the simplest of actions. By simply showing you truly care. By offering a warm hug and a bright smile.

1116 days, 37 months, 159 weeks

Love that never ends





It is strange how you find things and people
that will change your life
in places you never expect them to be.

Behind a door
in a conference hall
behind some books you never read.

But that is enough to light a flame
That will burn strong and never cease.
One that will make you braver and better in every sense
That will reinvigorate and launch a dream.

1116 days were well spent
full of a love never before felt
filled with passion and overwhelming care
of affection you never knew was there.

37 months of laughter and smiles
of fun in every form and place
of enjoying life and its surprises
of learning to enjoy whatever came.

159 weeks of fighting the world
of trying to convince people that didn’t care
of putting the view of others’ first
and realizing that was a big mistake.

1116 days of a burning flame
of surviving the thunder and rain
of lasting apart for a number of days
and growing closer and stronger together.

1116 days of sharing
a love and friendship like no other
of experiencing true affection
of dancing under a starry sky.

How can you stop a love so strong?
Just switch off all affection?
For the flame continues to burn
and no matter if the love has ended
it will never stop.

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