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The harmony of a puzzle

Going through life is like making a puzzle.

You have to face the bafflement of having all the pieces muddled up in a pile before you and not knowing where to start.

You need to get organised and comply with a plan to get started. You first dig through the pile, carefully searching for the pieces with a straight edge that will form the frame of it.

As you complete more pieces, you learn to become more focused searching for specific aspects: a side bent awkwardly, a strange shape, a distinct colouring.

You find that once you begin and get drawn into the whole process, you become more concentrated, devoted to your target: one more piece that will fit.

You manage the irritation of having to twist and turn the pieces around, trying and failing endlessly until you find the right one.

But then, you are able to fully appreciate the satisfaction of everything falling into place as you find the pieces that perfectly attach to each other effortlessly.

The way you handle a puzzle may also be seen as a metaphor for life.

It teaches you to be patient, to have a plan and be organised, to be methodical and concentrated, to focus on your goals, to try and fail numerous times without giving up, and to value every success, no matter how small and how long it takes to achieve it.

But most of all, it teaches you that harmony comes with trial and error, that it is the small pieces that will eventually compose the bigger picture, and that sometimes you need to attempt with the wrong ones before the right ones come along that will fit perfectly into place.


Waking a sleeping fire are some feelings, which are dormant until they are sparked into life. Like jealousy and fear. You don’t realise they are so intense until they’re awake. Because then it feels that you’ve set a match on fire inside your veins.

It is said no to “do unto others what you don’t want others to do unto you”. To treat people as you would like to be treated, because even the nicest people have their limits. And we are raised to understand how people of different classes, backgrounds or even gender are so unlike yet so similar.

Women, for example, want men to cherish them as special and exclusive, just as men want their girl to bedazzle everyone but have eyes only for them. But at various points in time, each need to enter each other’s shoes to understand and to consider how they would act had they been on the other side.

Trust, just as love, is a two-way street. And it is earned through time, experience and mutual respect. Trust is what you convince others to be true, it is what allays their fears and combats the dragons that rise when one part of the pair is away. Love is how you show you care, so much that it is reciprocated.

And to harmonise it all into a healthy relationship requires that you also rid of any signs of selfishness that infect the invisible chain that binds a couple. It entails that communication is so strong that their eyes can speak straight to their heart. It needs love to roar louder than the demons.

All it really takes is a small act of kindness once in a while that will go a long way. One that will put the demons asleep and waken the heart. Because remember, the heart is a tiny organ that, however, sustains your entire being and it is on this that your very existence relies.


Also part of Daily Prompt: Dormant

Also part of Daily Prompt: Harmonize

That magical beat that keeps you ticking

music_notes21 June was World Music Day. And it was indeed fitting that the longest day of the year, the summer solstice, should be filled with tunes from all corners of the world. Worldwide events were held, open-air, under the stars, in gardens and concert-halls to celebrate that art, that harmonious tune that gives rhythm to our lives.

Music is defined as “an art of sound in time that expresses ideas and emotions in significant forms through the elements of rhythm, melody, harmony, and color”. People listen to different types of music, but they all feel a connection at one point or other to some song, tune or orchestral piece that reaches right to the cords of their heart. That makes you associate that very tune you hear to something in your life, a happy moment, a memory, a dream, an event. Put briefly, music is in itself, life.

Music is at times a refuge, a haven, a way out of pain, anguish and anxiety when reality strikes. Whatever your preferred theme or type – be it rock, pop, jazz, blues, R&B,  disco, classical, rap, hip-hop, ska, or whatever other genre there is – music, like Victor Hugo said, “expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent”.

Music is all around us and everyone has something to say about it: that it is healing; it is a prayer; it is a song to the universe; it is a revelation; the speech of angels; a truth; a treasure; it is expression; it is magic. Music is something to everyone. And perhaps what best sums it all up is that “music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life” (Berthold Auerbach).

People often start their day with birds tweeting (the original type) outside their window, then with earphones singing in their ears, radios blasting in their cars. Have ringtones at the sound of their favorite artists. Go to concerts to hear them live. Watch programs showcasing new talents, revealing new voices that will prove ground-breaking to the music industry’s perpetuation. And then at the end of a long day people often chose to relax by turning on some music when they get home. Music is naturally an integral part of our entire day. And it has radically evolved from the simple beat of self-made drums and other instruments, to the complex electronic sounds of today (even if at times some of these sound more like noise, rather than rhythmic melodies).

Music is even part of demonstrations and mass rallies. It is the common language that everybody knows and that unites people across countries and continents. It is the bridge linking differing views and opinions. Music is above all a unifying force. One that can bring the so-desired change everyone is looking for. For music extends its grasp to the very core of people’s soul. It brings light to the everyday darkness simply because it fills the silence and masks the noise that surrounds us. And for this, music is indispensable.


Also part of Daily Prompt: Eye of the Beholder

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