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They called it a condition. He called it honesty. But sometimes it made him seem rude. He couldn’t tell the difference.

He was used to speaking his mind without camouflage or fake kindness. If he didn’t like something he would say it, if he disagreed with someone he would point it out. Simply said, he couldn’t feign politeness in a world filled with people wearing masks.

He wasn’t the one to hide; from anyone or anything. But that often got him into trouble. Because not everyone appreciated the sincerity in which his words were uttered.

His belief was that if people couldn’t handle the truth, they shouldn’t be doing or saying things that were contrary to it.

In fact, he was convinced, that if people followed the norms of proper social conduct, so many fake masks would not be necessary.

But that was simply his thoughts. He lacked tact but that did not make him any less of a person than anyone pretending to be his friend.


Truth found from a kid…or a nut

mafalda-with-friends-21814It is actually funny how there is a saying that you will only learn the truth from a crazy person and a child. After all it is no coincidence that the best comic or satire strips have kids as their protagonists: Peanuts and Charlie Brown by Charles M. Schulz, Mafalda by Joaquín Salvador Lavado (Quino), Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson, and even the Scooby Doo characters, to name but a few. And it is indeed amazing how the creators of all these use the innocence, sometimes even naivety, of kids to tackle issues that concern us all, in the most honest and truthful way possible. And that is what basically makes it funny – the fact that it is so true you don’t know whether to laugh or to cry! But it is always better to laugh!

People usually think they can move the world if they so wish. That is how strong everyone wants to feel. So confident and cocksure.  That is until something comes along and breaks them. Like a tonne-weighing elephant before the sight of a tiny little mouse (at least that is how cartoons depict it!). It is when a virus, or an illness of some sort, gets you down that you lose all that certainty in yourself and become vulnerable again. Helpless and in need of care and support. It is when you are shattered, almost collapsed, crawling from bed to couch to chair, even Roman wrestling the dog for his fuzzy pillow in his little dog house that you realise all it takes is a moment of feeling unwell. And that is when you understand that nothing is more precious than life itself. Like the moments when you were a kid and you lavished in all new things you discovered. And were so blunt about asking questions about the world simply because your innocence and inexperience allowed you to.

People revert to being kids not just in the bad times but also in the good. I don’t think any adult in Disneyland doesn’t enjoy the fun that awakens the child inside of him/her. Especially if they’ve never been there before. And something that excites you or makes you extremely happy seems to revitalise that inner child. Full of excitement, and lust for life. Just like it should be. Not caring about what anyone else thinks.

So I guess it is true that honesty is best learnt from a child. As for the crazy person, well, the way the world is going, I suppose we will all find out soon enough!

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