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Quicken your heartbeat are our memories.

The moments we create.

The experiences we live.

The feelings we share.

The thoughts we make.

So quicken your heartbeat, to live a little wilder, to laugh a little harder and to love a little deeper.

Let your pulse race to live a little stronger and fill your life with those instants that take your breath away.

Allow yourself to live as fully as possible and become better, stronger and happier with each passing day.


Also part of Daily Prompt: Quicken


Worry less, giggle more began laughing again. His teacher was annoyed, not so much because he was giggling, but because it came to him so suddenly and he often burst into laughter for no apparent reason.

Constantine was generally a very optimistic person. It was a trait many envied. And thus it was something he was despised for. Being hopeful in a world drowned by despair was not a characteristic that made you popular among your peers.

Constantine didn’t care, however. He believed that if he lived his life simply to please others, it would only make himself miserable. And there was no point in that. Sure, everyone had to abide to some rules, otherwise chaos would ensue. But there was no reason to constantly adopt the anguish of “what would everyone else think”. So, whenever a frantic giggle tickled his stomach, he allowed it to surface.

Constantine would laugh due to nothing and everything. It would be something that abruptly sprung to mind – an inside joke with one of his friends, a tagline from a movie, even a funny animal video he had watched the other day. It was often triggered by something else – everything is interrelated in the mind of a person caught on the verge of insanity and genius.

Constantine continued to giggle, even when he saw his teacher’s eyes staring at him, and breathing fire. He couldn’t help it. It would have been worse to suppress it. And after all, he knew that, just like a yawn, a giggle is contagious. His teacher soon lost control of the smile that was forming on her face, and swiftly the entire class began to laugh. It was as though light had finally entered a room embraced by dark clouds. And it was certainly more enjoyable that way.


Also part of Daily Prompt: Giggle

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