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Treasure troves of magic

©Ted Strutz

It’s a place of magic. There are so many different worlds to travel to. So many personalities to impersonate. Here, you could be anything, anyone, at anytime, anywhere.

Libraries, she was taught, “are more than just a storage place for books, they are treasure troves filled with creativity and knowledge. And that knowledge can be empowering(R.L Hemlock).

Libraries open windows to the world, inspire us to explore and achieve more, to contribute to improving the world, and thus change it for the better.

They are parts of life’s necessities, reminding us simultaneously of the excitement of being a kid.

Also part of Friday Fictioneers



Every time she was invited into people’s homes, her gaze unconsciously went to their library. She fervently believed that a home without books was like a body without a soul. And she loved to discover where and how people had placed a library in their homes. But that wasn’t all.

It wasn’t enough to simply have a piece of furniture stacked with books.

It also depended on the quality and nature of those books; not only their content, but also their appearance. How a reader treats their books also says a lot about them as a person. Someone who appreciates their books and takes care of them, keeping them in pristine condition, is a much different character to one who breaks their spines and folds their pages.

A fun part of discovering new libraries, she found, was scanning the titles and discovering books she too read, or that were on her list to do so.

But the best memory she had of a home library was when the young man she had recently met gave her a tour of his favourite books. Rarely would someone share their virtual journeys with another like that. And the most reminiscent of all was when he took out a hardback book from the top right-hand corner of the tall living-room bookshelf, presenting it to her and saying, “You must have certainly read this one. I’m sure you know it”.

She took it in her hands as if receiving an invaluable treasure.

She read the title and gulped. The cover was filled with stars.

Oh so you’re the star!”, the young man mimicked.

It was a line that you would recognise only if you had read the book or saw the film. But you would only appreciate the worth of the book if you – a true bookworm – had read it too.

That’s how stardust is formed. Magically. From the smallest and seemingly most insignificant things.

Fortuitous Dusting

libraryEmma decided it was about time to dust the old library. It was her Great Aunt’s prided possession and she too valued it dearly. Emma loved this house. Her favourite childhood pastime was treasure hunts there. And now that she had inherited it, she secretly hoped that her Aunt had left her just one last hunt to indulge in.

It had been three weeks since she had last stepped in there. Life continued as normal outside its huge wooden-carved windows; birds were singing an ode to the sun, whose rays illuminated every corner of the giant room.  Dust had gained possession of almost every surface. But Emma was determined to put an end to the reign of this uninvited guest.

As she thoroughly dusted out each shelf, she recalled the wonderful stories that lay hidden within each book, resurrecting their images and characters, and she imagined her Aunt watching over her and smiling.

The top shelves extending to the ceiling were harder to reach. Emma brought a chair and climbed up to continue her mission. There was her favourite book! What memories that enclosed… Suddenly she heard a crack, and before she identified where it came from, the chair’s back leg broke off and Emma fell with a thump, with the book landing on her head, like a cherry on a pie. As she scrambled to get up, she noticed a small gold key protruding from the pages of the book. She looked up bewildered, and made out the shadow of a small door where the book had been on the shelf. Was this the last treasure hunt she was yearning for? She got up immediately with excitement rushing through her veins and opened the little vault. Inside was a crimson notebook. Her Aunt’s diary, describing her thoughts, feelings and experiences. It was exactly what she needed – a lucky accident that would bring her Aunt closer to her again. Just when she needed her most, she always found a way to reappear…

332 words for this week’s Trifecta Writing Challenge. The prompt was to use the word lucky:
LUCKY (adjective)
1: having good luck
2: happening by chance : fortuitous
3: producing or resulting in good by chance : favorable

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