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The story of a bad elf

In a cold snowy hill, there lived an elf

Who was completely and always enwrapped in himself.

People around him called him a Grinch

For all he only wanted was to be filthy rich.

He was stubborn and bad-tempered,

Never smiled or remembered

Any of the good that people had done in the past,

Because for him nothing ever was meant to last.

Life had left him bitter and sour,

He had felt pain by the hour,

Now cared less with every year

And was hoping that money would instead bring him cheer.

But this season he learnt a lesson

That would be hard to forget.

For in his possession

Came a small statuette.

It resembled his first love

A girl as young as dawn,

The one who broke his heart

And bade him begone.

As he saw it, a tear ran down his cheek

And became ice as it fell

Then another followed in his freak,

As though he had toppled a well.

He began to understand,

That money was not the goal.

It would not bring him happiness,

Or the love of the other half of his soul.

So he radically changed it all,

Made the neighbors doubt their eyes,

For what they saw was a man changed

As though he had suddenly won a lottery prize.

And then, as the little things made the difference,

She appeared like a light in the distance,

Unexpectedly she arrived in the night,

Falling onto him, like a radiant light.

So, the Grinch became a happy elf,

Realizing that we are all worth more than we believe ourselves,

That what we seek cannot be found with might,

But only if we search deep in our hearts and broaden our sight.


Never enough






Grandma always said two words in life
were all you needed to know
Good and Enough.

You had to learn to always strive to be good
And know when enough was enough.
That was all it took.

So she grew up being the best
Because simply good was never enough.
But good enough would never suffice,
And that would eventually be her curse.

Escaping the cave

Green hills





There was a young man

who lived in a cave

forever away from mankind.

He thought it best

to be alone

than with the bad clan of his kind.

He was raised in the hills

in solitude

and was taught to love his life.

But without ever leaving

could he ever know

what truly lies there behind?

One day his horse ran off

beyond the hills of dismay.

He saw the valley that lay beyond

and was mesmerized by the non-decay.

His eyes met a gal

with eyes as golden as sunrays.

He was in love at first sight

and knew at once

his life now had to change.

Now they live beyond the hills

with a group of friends

that share their good and ills

and he now knows for sure

life is found out of the cave.

Gordie, the fat cat


There was once a fat cat named Gordie,

who thought he was royal King Louis,

He would never eat out of cans,

or drink water from taps,

and would never be thought of as sloppy.

He was a picky fat cat,

and was teased by the rest of the pack,

but he cared not at all,

for he felt mighty and tall,

and believed he would rule them all shortly.

He would never look into the trash,

that was for those of a lower class,

but he would expect his plate out of brass,

to always be filled with big, fresh, sea bass.

He run around other fat cats,

to please his own rank,

for that made him more jolly and bossy.

There were days he felt he owned a bank,

and others were he simply drew a blank,

but he remained as sturdy as a tank,

as he often stated he “didn’t give a franc”.

Gordie was fat and proud of it;

He would never deny,

what was obvious to the eye,

but corruption was in oversupply,

and only proven by the private-eye.

And for this he still reigned,

as honest he so feigned,

and was considered the chief of the posse.

And as he lived a life in splendor

yapping at every slight offender,

he kept asking for more,

vowing power to never surrender.

But this potency vested greed,

and to him it was a deed,

to gain evermore,

no matter who he appalled,

for that is the very core

of why a fat cat is thus so-called!

Mary and the Berry

Shepherdess Mary herding sheep
There was once a young maiden named Mary,
Who had no sheep to graze in the prairie.
She was pretty and sweet,
Could never say no to a treat,
And always dreamt of meeting a fairy.
She wanted to be independent and might,
To prove she could really put up a fight.
But was suppressed and controlled,
By great ogres at night,
Who would keep her locked up,
In a tower out of spite,
For she had taken their last shiny berry.
Tears ran down her face as she wept,
For this fate she could not bear to accept.
The berry she hid for emergency only,
But indeed it kept her from feeling so lonely.
One sparkly bright night,
With a full moon in clear sight,
Mary sang and wished for a pony,
To run with in the fields,
And laugh and feel full of yields,
And no longer feel all skinny and bony.
Light streamed through the moon,
And the berry transformed in full bloom,
To a stunning red little fairy.
Your wish my command,
She said with a whisk of her wand,
And Mary was full of joy and so airy!
Quickly she blinked like a star,
And with the grace of a czar,
She made her prized wish.
The fairy turned with a swish,
The room filled with light,
 And Mary felt so delight,
As her wish was appearing before her!
A palace from the tower appeared,
And as the ogres drew near,
In dark grey clouds they disappeared. 
As sheep they emerged,
For so Mary had urged,
The berry had magically purged them.
So she now had her sheep,
And also met Little Bo Peep.
They lived a life full of leisure,
But always with good measure,
As they ran and played in the prairie.
Then out of nowhere two princes appeared,
The unaware maidens they neared,
Briskly lifted them of their feet,
And being so royally discreet,
So began their majestic love affairs.

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