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Movie threads

©Sandra Crook

Movies have the purpose of showing you something you wouldn’t otherwise see. Of making you travel. Of getting your mind to work”.

Grandpa Jo worked in the movie industry ever since he could remember. He always had interesting stories to tell.

But it was Grandma Jemma who had the wisest words to share.

Movies are like threads,” she said spinning her wheel. “They need a beginning, a middle, and an end. No matter how short or long, they all have it”.

And if you follow the thread from start to finish, you’re bound to find yourself in a different place!

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To love or pretend to live

Foot popping kissYou watch a movie and almost always it has a happy ending. Especially if it is a romantic comedy (rom-com), or like my brother likes to say, a “chick-flick”. But it does leave you with a fluffy feeling inside. One that brings a smile to your face, for no real reason. However, it makes you think: does this really happen?

How likely is it to find your soul-mate, the person you will spend the rest of your life with, in such a short time and live happily ever after with him/her? How feasible is something like that?

But who doesn’t want to fall in love? To feel the butterflies flutter inside your stomach at just the thought of this one person. To blush simply by their kiss, or their mention of your name in public?

Marcy always dreamed she would fall in love with an amazing guy. One who would sweep her off her feet, and make her foot pop up when he kissed her. She spent hours watching rom-coms, hoping that one day this would happen to her. With all the adventures, humor and romance they all encompassed. And she spent most of her life hoping. Because although she did date, they all, at one time or other, turned out to be jerks, who simply wanted to pass their time, who did not treat her right, or who just left.

But Marcy never lost hope. After all, she had her rom-coms for comfort.

One day, or night rather, she had gone out with her best friend. They decided to visit a new bar in town and have a drink to vent out their problems and concerns with each other. Marcy insisted she would buy the first round. As she turned around from the bar, two drinks in hand, she literally fell onto a person whose eyes seemed to light up the entire room. “I’m so sorry she said,” looking to see if she had spilled anything on what appeared to be an expensive shirt and designer jeans. “Not a problem at all,” he replied as they locked eyes and Marcy remained speechless. “I’m Shane,” he said, extending a hand. Marcy smiled nervously and lifted up the glasses she was holding in each hand. They both laughed. She already knew him. No, really. Shane was an actor. And a renowned one for that matter. He was a bit of a heartthrob and Marcy could now see exactly why. It was not just his looks. He had a certain charm about him. Something mesmerizing. “I have to go,” she said, “my friend is waiting”. He nodded, and as she moved, she heard him calling out “I’ll buy the next round”. She smiled and reached her friend clearly flustered. She recounted the whole story with her friend trying to control her excitement. By the time Marcy finished telling her tale, Shane and a friend of his were already asking if they could join the two girls. To the latter, it was an offer they simply could not refuse.

It did not take long for Shane to win over Marcy, head over heels. She was in love with him and the very idea of being in love. He courted and sought her and that made her feel special. He sent flowers for no apparent reason, showed up in surprise visits and prepared romantic outings. Everything a girl would want, according to Marcy.

But despite the dream she was living, Marcy could not shake off one thing that was spinning in the corner of her mind – he was an actor, how could she be sure he was not acting with her? She always fantasized herself dating one of those handsome young men who held the lead roles in the rom-coms she so loved. But she never actually considered the practicalities of dating one. Because now, how could she really know when he actually stopped acting and was speaking the truth?

One day she told him about her preoccupation. He smiled and told her that the only thing that could reassure her was what she truly felt by what he said and did, and the way he treated her. “The answer is found here,” he said pointing to her heart, “not here” in her head. Marcy immersed herself in Shane’s arms where she felt safe.

But even after years passed and they were still together, she could never shake off that feeling. How can you truly trust a person who pretends for a living? In the end, she thought, she too had learnt to pretend, because it was the only way to survive in a world where nothing appears to be ideal, or even remotely close to that.

There’s no app for Life

scorpions lebanon-714154It was such an emotional scene – Maggie had finally woken up from the year-long coma that had lasted the entire movie, and she knew as soon as she saw him that Jake was her husband, her soul-mate, the guy she was with for the past 8 years! And as we were all reaching out for the tissues, sniffing and trying to fight back the tears, some insensitive being in the front row decided it was time to check Facebook again, and *ding* there was that blinding light, flashing out and irritating everyone who was actually watching the movie.

Has this ever happened to you?

Have you ever been so drawn into a movie that you forget your reality for a while, and then all of a sudden get awaken by a mobile phone light?

Or have you been to a concert or theatre, where there you are trying to enjoy the live performance in front of you, but for the most part all you can see around you is arms stretched out waving smartphones and tablets in the air?

People nowadays are so intent on living high-tech that they forget to live at all.

Because they simply cannot stop to enjoy the things around them long enough, to actually take it all in. How often do you see tourists or even locals sitting at a beautiful square or park, yet all they do is stare at a screen – be it a smartphone, a tablet or a computer?

It is annoying. Because it seems that nothing is more important than being wired up constantly.

Even going to enjoy your favourite singer or band playing live is marred by tech-hipsters trying to record every single minute of the show – a recording they will probably never ever see. It’s a disturbance that affects you because it interferes with your enjoyment of a show you paid (sometimes dearly) to see. There is a performance happening right in front of you, yet the majority of the audience is viewing it through their screens.

Don’t get me wrong, technology is very useful and has many advantages, but that doesn’t mean you have to be so attached to it that you can’t even eat without constantly checking up online! Seeing a person for more than half an hour without a phone/tablet/computer as an extension of their hand is a rarity these days.

Sometimes, people are even so attached to what is on their screens that they don’t see things that are right in front of them. At all! Like Baratunde Thurston recalled in one of his articles, some youngsters were desperately looking for a diner, searching their phones for its locations, and asking passers-by, and he noted that had they not been glued to their phones, they might have seen the illuminated sign for the diner across the street.

It’s a shame to have all this technology at your fingertips and in essence miss out on life because you don’t know how to best use it, or more accurately, when to not use it.

Life is more than just an app on your phone; it’s what’s happening in front of you, or around you. And if you don’t pay attention, it might just slip by without you ever knowing.

In a different world…yet the very same

Watching a movie on the big screen is certainly not the same as watching it at home. No matter how big your TV is, how effective your home cinema or stereo surround system is, nothing beats going to the movie theatre. Where for about two hours you are isolated from everything and everyone. Cut-off from the rest of the world. And you can experience the movie; indulge in the action, the sentiment, the thrill. Enter the world depicted on screen. And literally go to the movie!

Of course the excitement of watching a movie at the cinema today is ruined by the prospect of people talking or munching away throughout the film, cell phones ringing and people tweeting away. Yet even that cannot detract from the thrill of entering a dark auditorium, sitting at the very back, and enjoying one of the latest film releases on a giant screen, together with a crowd of people, the majority of whom you do not know and probably will never even see again.

People go to the movies for a variety of reasons: as a fun outing and a change of surroundings, to see a long-awaited film, to socialize with their friends. But most of all, even without consciously being aware of it, people go to the movies to enjoy a few moments of silence. Sitting in the dark for a couple of hours, in silence, is actually soothing, even healing at times. Staring into a 30ft screen, keeps you mesmerized enough to fully focus on the movie plot and plunge into that artistic realm that will get your mind off everything else. Even if only for a few hours, the only thing that is troubling your brain is the outcome of the story you are witnessing unravel on screen. That is probably also the reason why a film is experienced much more holistically and at its fullest in a movie theatre; why the action is more alive; the sound effects more vivid; the horror more intense; the sci-fi more surreal; the suspense more powerful; the drama more moving; the comedy funnier. And that is precisely the enchantment of going to the movies. The fact that you are actually able to live the very story you went to watch, and for an hour or two you get to forget your own troubles. For those two hours, the world does not revolve around you. It is a motion picture and you are simply an observer.

And when the lights come back on and you are forced to return back to the real world, that is when you realize if the movie was any good. For a good movie will make you ponder for a moment, and then exit the theatre with a different perspective on life. It will cause you to think and reconsider. And most of all it will light inside you a spark to guide you through your own story. Movies always have a touch of reality hidden away inside them, and if you look close enough, you’ll find that life too can act as a giant screen for a motion picture to unfold. All it takes is the will and passion to act it out…

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