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Another Box

When we prepare to move house, we fill up boxes. Stuff that sometimes we didn’t even know we had that is, however, too valuable to throw away. We place things in boxes often for temporary storage. To transfer them somewhere else. To keepsake them still.

We position things in boxes even to just organize our rooms. But whatever is placed inside is something we hold dear, objects that are tied to sentiments, events, and people, but mostly memories. It is the reminiscence of how we felt when we were first given that particular item, flower, stuffed toy, photo, souvenir, ticket, letter, post-it, or whatever it is we cherish so much.

It’s the feeling we try to hold on to. Because that is what is so hard to accept letting go of. The emotion. That sense of happiness that overwhelmed us during the presence of the now-boxed item.

We fill our lives with boxes because, unfortunately, we cannot do so in our minds. The chaos in our heads often breaks relationships out of exaggerated minute disagreements. Our tolerance diminishes as we grow older and we prefer to fill up boxes, no matter how big or small, and move on. Or at least convince ourselves to do so. To rediscover our own self, to build our strength again in the hope that the next box we will fill will be only to be moved somewhere better to be reopened.


Damsel in Distress

©Katherine Kurz

In moments we feel weak and unable, it’s not because we are incapable of standing up to the situation at hand or the world in general; it’s simply because we feel that way. Be it due to exhaustion (physical or mental), because of too many things taking a wrong turn simultaneously, or because we are too tired of the same things happening over and over again. It’s not that we can’t face the challenges we are presented with. It’s rather that we don’t really want to.

It’s uplifting to know that you don’t have to face everything alone. We’re not calling for a hero when in distress to save us. We just want someone alongside us to motivate us to save ourselves. We simply need a small boost to rise up ourselves. It’s inspiring to have someone believe in you, be proud of you, and simply stand by you.

Of course we can survive alone. We have provenly done so for so long. But given a choice otherwise, wouldn’t you want the company and the support?

The wrong stop

When you accidentally get on the wrong train to another destination, sometimes trust the universe in taking you somewhere else. There is a reason things don’t happen as you wish, and sometimes when you are directed on another path, just follow it. It may save you a lot of heartbreak, inadvertent disagreements, and unpleasant truths.

We so stubbornly want things to go our way, we often dismiss the signs that tell us otherwise. Timing is everything in the end. It’s knowing when to engage in conflict; to choose the battles you make; the moment to speak and what to say; when to stay away or come closer; when to act or do nothing at all. Timing makes a world of difference. And it may be the making or breaking point of any relationship or initiative.

It’s not only the will to do something that matters. It’s also how you choose to do it or convey the message you’re trying to send out. Communication is key. But comprehension is also important. We tend to forget that. We all want to be feel seen and heard, but mostly we want to feel understood. Love can heal all wounds, even in the toughest of times. And the simplest form of love is giving someone your presence.

The pretty side

©Dale Rogerson

Pictures tell stories. That’s why we often take so many of them. Because we try to capture the sentiment of the moment with each click. The happiness, the wonder, the amazement, the company, the love.

Drawings demonstrate our inner feelings. What we usually hide even from ourselves. They’re an expression of what our mind does not speak. That’s why they are sometimes so abstract; they reflect the chaos in our hearts and heads.

Graffiti can be works of art too. They make even the ugliest of buildings seem beautiful. Because everything can have a pretty side if someone reveals it.

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If you can’t find Spring

And if Spring arrives and it’s cloudy and drizzly?

“‘If you can’t find spring, you make it’, as the great Greek poet Elytis said.”


“One little step, one colourful thought, one bright action at a time.”

We often tend to make things more difficult than they are. We allow our imagination to override our rationale and we make mountains out of molehills, fearing the worst, instead of envisioning the best case scenarios.

If we control our mindsets, we may be able to spring up our daily lives too, one sunny day at a time.

Imagine that


Imagine if we had the courage to say everything we wanted to each other without the fear that we would be misunderstood.

Imagine feeling as loved and appreciated as we desired.

Imagine if everything we imagined turned out to be real.

But what if instead of imagining we tried to live it all?

What if we truly listened to each other without criticism or prejudice?

What if we dismissed the negative thoughts that overtake our minds and expect more joy and accept less pain?

Wouldn’t it all be easier that way?

Wouldn’t it be more peaceful?

Would it not relieve all doubt and make it all worthwhile?

Just imagine that.

House boats

© Brenda Cox

“People actually live in boats, you know. They’re like floating houses. Literally.”

“Why would anyone do that?” she asked inquisitively.

“Because it allows them the freedom to be anywhere at any time. They’re not bound to anything and can roam around freely as they wish; stay as long or as little as they like and move about without the commitments of a rooted house.”

“Yes, but that means they have nowhere to return to, or somewhere to call home.”

“Perhaps. Or they have everywhere to call home. The entire world for them is a borderless adventure waiting to be experienced.

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The problem with dreams

We dream of escapes. We dream of travelling to places that look nothing like what we’re used to. We dream of changing it all even for a few hours or only days.

We dream a lot but perhaps live too little.

And that’s our problem.

We convince ourselves from infants that we can do anything; that we can dream big and achieve it all. But growing up we place so many constraints on ourselves. We keep waiting for the right time, the right place, the right circumstance, the right company, and we keep delaying the happiness of realising our imagined lives.

How different would everything be if we often acted on a whim, hoping for the best, instead of calculating everything that could go wrong?

How much lighter would our minds be if we cancelled all the thoughts and just ‘went for it’ once in a while?

How better could life be if instead of simply dreaming, we could live every moment, too?

Educated tourist

© David Stewart

It’s enthralling to visit places of cultural value and learn their history. It’s as if you mentally travel back in time, to another era and delve into the lives of our ancestors. If you cherish your roots, where our world comes from, you relish in finding out stories of the old and anecdotes only locals know.

Most of the information you’re bombarded with as a tourist usually fades a few weeks after you return to your base.

But what remains is how all this made you feel. The emotions you gained and the people you shared them with are priceless.

Also part of Friday Fictioneers

We make our days


Drop what you’re doing. Stop for a minute. Look at this. Let your gaze wander outside. Out the window, over the sea, beyond the horizon. Allow yourself the luxury of doing nothing. It’s how your system replenishes.

Breathe. Inhale long, slow and deep.

Pull back your shoulders. Straighten your back.

Breathe. Exhale, slowly and steadily.

Fill your lungs and clear your senses.

Feel your soul lighten.

Relax. Rejuvenate. Revive.

Every day is an opportunity for a beautiful restart. Be grateful; appreciate it all. Make each day count.

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