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The Reindeer Whisperer

He was Santa’s favourite gnome. And the only one the reindeer responded to. Perhaps because he sneaked extra carrots to them when no one was watching. And he listened when they complained they were being overworked.

So, when two days before the big job the reindeer protested and organised a strike, the gnome was the one who was urgently called to resolve the solution.

The reindeer had a list of demands, which included lighter reins, more food, and greater petting time.

The gnome listened carefully and took note. He promised Santa would compromise and fed each with a carrot marshmallow to lighten their mood. He vowed they would get an entire month of rest after the job was completed and that they could choose their relaxation destination themselves.

The reindeer conceded. The gnome was a good negotiator.

So all was resolved. The reindeer were content, the gnome was satisfied with a job well done and Santa was ready – he was actually so pleased he gave the gnome a promotion to Reindeer Counsellor.


Be who you choose to be

He was small compared to others. Unusually so. And he was made fun of because of it. Even bullied.

But Elliot did not care. He chose not to listen because he knew he was destined for greatness.

Elliott wanted to be a reindeer. A famous one. One that pulled Santa’s sleigh.

The only problem was that he was a pony.

He was lucky enough to have supportive friends. Friends who stuck by when everyone else mocked him and left. Friends who encouraged him to follow his dream and who motivated him to try harder. Because they too believed that he could do anything he set his mind on.

Elliot never gave up. And his chance came, life rewarded him for his effort. He became the littlest reindeer of all. Santa’s favourite; the one who tried hardest and who was the most special. Elliot is the proof that even the underdog can achieve a lot if their heart is set on it and if they try passionately enough.

“Be magic; choose and believe that you can do anything you set your mind to believe. We are who we choose to be” – Will Smith

The Festive Happening sun set early this time of year, wrapping the snow-capped slopes into a flurry of darkness. The elves scrambled to turn the lights on, earlier each day, until the chief elf finally remembered they had an automatic mechanism they could activate to do it for them. Today was special though. There was a happening being planned for a month now and everyone was very excited.

Mrs Clause had baked her famous huge vanilla cookies with colourful chocolate buttons that melted in your mouth with the first bite. The elves were busy with decorations, confetti, presents and the like. Santa was overseeing everything as usual. And the reindeer were trying to keep everything hush so that Rudolph would not find out. But once again, Rudolph felt left out; as though all the other South Pole residents knew something he didn’t. He was so sad, his nose would not even glow.

When evening set and the elves deemed the time was right, Dasher, Comet, Donner and Blitzen feigned they had work to do at Santa’s stables and quietly left. Vixen and Cupid were trying to convince Rudolph to join them for a nightcap, while Dancer and Prancer rushed awkwardly into their room throwing garlands and sparkles overhead the saddened reindeer. They wanted to get Rudolph into a festive mood. It was his day to celebrate, and he should not be distressed about silly things. To Dancer and Prancer everything not worth laughing about was silly. They did manage to get Rudolph to crack a smile, though. But he then moaned “leave me alone”, and rolled up on his bed.

Vixen knew something more radical should be done. She signaled to Blitzen from the bedroom window and he ran to Santa for the emergency signal.

The whistle was heard almost instantly making Rudolph jump up like a spring. It was his secret communication with Santa. He was the only one needed whenever he heard it. He ran out the door without saying a word, and the other reindeer rushed to the stables.

Santa, what is it? I came as fast as I could!” Santa smiled and placed his large arms around Rudolph’s neck. The red velvet coat felt like a warm fuzzy blanket around his frozen fur. “Have you forgotten what today is?” asked Santa with a mischievous smile forming on his plump face. Rudolph had not noticed that they were standing in a dark stable all this time. When a dong was heard, he leaped back and out of fright, his nose began to beam red. Was there danger there? Did Santa need protecting? Rudolph was scared and still did not understand what was going on.

Suddenly, fireworks began to sound in the cold, frosty air and a loud festive “surprise” filled his eardrums, as lights, candles and decorations fired up inside the stables. Rudolph looked around in amazement – they had all remembered. It was his birthday, and this was the loveliest surprise he had ever had. And when Mrs Clause came forth with a batch of freshly made soft-core cookies, he knew there was nowhere else he would rather be.


Also part of Daily Prompt: Safety First

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Santa run

santa-claus-is-flying-in-a-sleigh-with-reindeerThe white-haired man with the white beard and big belly that had an abnormal affinity for red suits was once again spotted around the park. He was looking at all the young children playing carefree on the swings and in the playground and appeared to be checking a list that he drew out of his side pocket and seemed to have no end. What on earth was he doing? This could take a very ugly turn.

And it did.

Marissa was an old lady who couldn’t hear very well. She couldn’t see very well either, despite the fact that she wore glasses with lenses as thick a piece of gammon at Christmas lunch. She also used a cane to walk, which she would also occasionally use as a weapon lest any “young rascal” would try to steal her bag. She would take her young grandson to the park every afternoon and sit at the bench watching him (or at least someone who looked like him from afar) enjoy himself in the playground. She had become acquainted with the other children and parents who spent their time there too. Therefore, whenever a “newbie” arrived, everyone would notice. They were as easy to recognize as a fly drowning in milk.

The past few days, however, ever since the beginning of December, Marissa noticed the frequent presence of a rather fat and peculiar old man. He was oddly jolly with everyone and was very fond of children. Perhaps too fond, according to Marissa. And he was always there. From the moment she and little Everett arrived, to the moment they left, that old man was sitting on the adjacent bench taking notes.

A week later, after Marissa had ran through her mind all the possible things this man might be noting – all of which were remarkably anomalous, no matter how you looked at it – she decided it was time to take action. She did consider walking over there and whacking him on the head with her cane, then grabbing his list and running to the police to file a report against him as a pedophile. But there were two problems with that: she couldn’t see very well and due to the holiday season more and more people began to draw a liking to red clothing and she might thus end up hitting someone else; and then she couldn’t run very fast, so by the time she had made her way out of the park, he might regain consciousness and chase after her. So, Marissa decided to do the only proper and responsible thing she knew: she would call the police.

Her report said that an old man with white hair and beard, dressed in a red suit that was unflattering for his age, was constantly roaming around the park, observing the kids and making notes. Just to be sure that the police wouldn’t make fun of her, she did send an instant message from her tablet (that had a big enough screen for her to be sure she had captured at least part of the man in question).

It didn’t take long for the police to arrive. The German Shepherd dog accompanying them was already growling, but for some strange reason it stopped the minute its eyes located the old man. And surprisingly it sat down and refused to go near or attack, no matter how much the policemen were yelling. The old man did not even budge.

Yet, all of a sudden, chaos broke out. Seeing that the dog had no intention of chasing or attacking the suspect, the police officers decided to take matters into their own hands. They began to scream, whistle and shout – if there was the appropriate music, it would even seem that they were trying to do the Twist.

And then began the run.

The old man, seeing a handful of unusually frightening young men in police attire racing like raging bulls towards him, got up and began to run too. The kids, thinking this was some sort of festive game, thought it would be fun to join in. And the German Shepherd dog decided it was time to get a move on too. The parents, afraid the dog might attack the children or the police might fire a shot that may reach an unintentional target, raced like mad and white as ghosts, behind the mob. It was complete havoc. And on the side, Marissa was taking photos on her tablet – you know, for evidence.

The old man ran into the forest-y area of the park where a wooden shed was located, he rushed in before the police closed up – the dog was for some reason being intentionally slow at catching up.

And then…

Police, dog, children, parents, the kiosk-owner who had approached out of curiosity, the candyman who was looking for kids to sell his produce to, and Marissa (who was still taking photos), all looked up at the sky, rubbing their eyes. They could not believe what they saw. A sleigh. Yes, a sleigh, a red one with a small turbo engine at the back and a dozen reindeer – yes, those horned animals that look like deer – pulling it along. It all disappeared before the bedazzled crowd managed to take a second blink.

The police stormed the wooden shed, with the dog barking happily beside them. There was nothing in there apart from some hay – most of which appeared to have been consumed – and some firewood. Nothing else.

So where did the old man dressed in red go? And did they really see what they thought they saw?

When the police questioned Marissa, she told them she had photo evidence. But when they confiscated her tablet to see for themselves, all they found was funny-looking selfies of a befuddled old lady in the park.

50 shades of white

santa and mrs clausShe woke up feeling undesirable that day. Only Vixen could understand her loneliness. She hadn’t been touched by him for almost a month now. Why? Was she getting fat? Was she getting old? Was it the white hair? What was wrong? Cupid tried to calm her down and reassured her that she was just as gorgeous and desirable as during her younger hippy years. She wished he thought so too. The girls finally convinced her to seduce him that night. Prancer chose her sexy outfit, while Vixen gave her tips on what to do. She felt confident and ready!

Come nightfall she lit up all the candles in the bedroom. Put on her lace underwear and waited. He was bound to arrive soon. She slid into the en-suite bathroom for a clearer view of him. It didn’t take long for the door to open and him to enter. He took off his boots, his shirt and his pants. Her heart was pounding. He was so masculine! She slowly opened the bathroom door and posed – just like she saw Marilyn do in all those movies. Sexy and desirable. As she felt at the moment. His heart began to race and he felt he was going to have a heart attack. “My, my” he said, quite aroused. “You look…”. “Yes, I do”, she interrupted his gulping. She started moving towards the bed, as he stood up ready to engulf her in his arms. “It’s been too long”, they both thought.

She wanted to race over and jump into his arms with her legs wrapped around him like she has seen lovers do and then both of them fall back on the bed.

She tried doing that.

It worked in her head.

But not in reality.

She jumped onto him. Their bellies clashed. He fell back onto the bed which broke clashing with a thump and causing a crack on the floor. “My back” he managed to muffle from within Mrs Claus’s big breasts.

Rudy had been woken up by the noise and the dust falling on his head – his room was beneath Santa’s. Frightened as he was, he alerted the others, and soon nine reindeer were indiscreetly poking in on an almost indecent scene – Santa on his back on a bed on the floor and Mrs Claus right on top of him in her lacy underwear. “Well, that’s not something for the kids”, said Rudy. “No, that’s Santa’s Xmas!” laughed Vixen.

One bright reindeer

RUDOLPH rudolphEveryone knows the story of Rudy (a.k.a. Rudolph-the-red-nosed-reindeer). But not many people know how he got his red nose. Fortunately, Kosmo the elf let me in on the secret (and no, Rudy was not bitten by a firefly).

When Rudy was young, kids at school teased him because of his big ears. Rudy was embarrassed and one day ran into the forest. Trotting along he fell down a hole, through a tunnel, into the dwarf mines. It was dark and humid, and Rudy was scared. He tried to yell but his voice couldn’t be heard. “Someone please help me”, he thought with all his might.

Suddenly he saw a little light coming his way. It was Pixie, the fairy, who heard his plea for help! “I will spray some of this magic fairy dust onto your little nose,” explained Pixie. “It will illuminate long enough for you to follow the path ahead out of the mines”. Rudy nodded contently! Pixie opened the lid of the little shiny container, and glittery dust fell on Rudy’s nose.

“Aaaachoooooo!” he sneezed with a little more force than needed. Pixie was blown out of balance and the vial flew out of her hands and emptied….right on Rudy’s nose! “Oh no!” he thought, “what now?” “I don’t know,” cried Pixie, “it’s never happened before!”

And that is how, Rudy ended up with a bright red nose to guide the sleigh.

“Come on Rudy,” Santa called, “it’s almost time!”

Tuning the cheer

BLITZEN reindeer-singing“Jeeeengel Bells Jeeengel Beels” he shrieked and the reindeers covered their ears.

“Blitzen!” shouted Prancer trying to overcome the screeching. “If we are to make any money at all this year, you’re gonna have to at least pretend that you’re singing”. “But I am singing” said Blitzer surprised. “Just try not to yell as much” said Donner.

The reindeers had gone out carol-singing. Blitzen always looked forward to this time of season, for he believed singing was his talent. He saw himself as the Pavarotti of reindeers, the pop-rock-hip-hop-opera star all in one! But none of the other reindeers thought so. Blitzen appeared so sure of himself that he wanted to stand-out, but ended up out-of-tune and yelling.

One day, while visiting Madame Lafreeze to spread the seasonal cheer, as soon as she heard the squealing amidst the singing she thought someone was in pain and rushed to call an ambulance. It took the reindeer about 30 minutes to reassure her no-one was hurt.

Even the pet penguin ran away when Blitzen started to “sing”. And Mrs Claus hid all her crystals. You know, just in case.

One day Blitzen woke up sad. He decided to take a shower to rejuvenate himself. Suddenly, the whole house woke up to the sound of a crystal-clear, beautiful melody. Dancer rushed to the shower, to find Blitzen singing happily. “See what happens, when you’re calm?” he said.

And from then on, Blitzen led the choir! Falalalalalalalala!

Cooking á la Donner

DONNER fat-reindeerThere was once a young reindeer called Donner

Who could never sit still in a corner (it really depended on the corner, though).

His favourite food was Kebab in a platter (a big one!)

Which he would get take-away from McHutter.

The other reindeers all called him chubby,

But he argued he was just big and fluffy.

He was the first in the kitchen to help Mrs Claus

For he loved how the food got stuck in his dew-claws.

When she started making the batter,

He rushed-in to engage in the spatter.

He grabbed the big knife,

The food on the counter to slice.

He was so enthusiastic and bright,

Simply carrying on in his excite.

Chopping away he went,

Not really caring what got spent.

Mrs Claus turned to see how the process was going,

For a reindeer with a knife in hand may seem a bit ironic (not for Donner though!).

Tomatoes were chopped and so was the lettuce,

Potatoes in oven and so was the Angus (yes, the burger).

Stuffing was ready to make the pies,

This was the best part of cooking for all the guys.

Mrs Claus stood aside watching all proud,

How her “little” helper had grown-up so endowed.

The pies were ready to place in the oven,

Donner even felt he had started to hover!

He lit up a match to light up the furnace,

But the gas was already on and BOOM went the premise!

Aiming for…the target

CUPID archer reindeerSanta woke up by the sound of window crashing and with an arrow on his butt. Muffles could be heard. Hooves jostling on the wooden floors and havoc ensued.

“CUUUUUPID!!!!!” he yelled!

Mrs Claus came in with a bowl of hot water. She knew how to treat an arrow head in the skin. After all, this wasn’t their first time.

Cupid was ashamed. Again. He didn’t mean for the arrow to hit Santa. He was practicing his archery you see, the thing he loved the most. And he was actually aiming for the target in front of him. So, it wasn’t really his fault that the arrow flew behind him instead.

“Maybe you just need to practice more,” Blitzen said trying to calm him down. “Or maybe you need to use less force,” suggested Dasher. “Maybe it’s the arrows that need to change,” said Prancer.

Cupid felt a bit better. He would try again. After all, practice makes perfect.

Comet handed him his latest invention – a “modern” arrow that would navigate itself and strike the target.

Cupid was certain he would hit bulls-eye this time.

He lifted his oak-tree bow. Placed the arrow in position and pulled back the string launching the arrow with mathematical precision into the air. For some reason though, the arrow made a U-turn and whooshed past them!

Crashing glass was heard and then…

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaoooooowwwwwwwww”, Santa shrieked.

“Whoops!” said Comet and Cupid together! Maybe Santa was the true target?!

Close Encounters of a Reindeer Kind

COMET alien reindeer“Why? Why is it not possible?” he said playfully. “If we are living here, why is it not possible that they are living there? At the other side of the galaxy?” asked Comet inquisitively. “Extra-terrestrial reindeer!”

He was always the one with his head in the clouds. Literally. When flying the sleigh, Comet was the one who always flew the highest. He said he loved the “woolly” feeling of the clouds sliding against his ears.

Comet believed that Santa’s mission should not be confined to this planet alone and that the cheer could be spread throughout the universe. He dreamt of flying into space and delivering gifts to the Martians. So he made it his goal to make the sleigh into a festive rocket-ship which would be able to reach other planets.

They called him a dreamer. But he said he wasn’t the only one.

He put on his work clothes and entered the garage where his test-sleigh was kept. All his tools were set out on the floor around it. There was still a lot to be done. But Comet was sure. He would one day fly (or dance) with the stars.

He began drilling the sides. Then tried to fire-glaze a component he built last week. He called it the “fly cracker”.

Nothing seemed to happen.


“Caboom!” The sleigh rocketed off, flew up for a few metres, then came crashing down.

Santa yelled. And Comet thought, “well, maybe next year!”

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