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Whisper it Seven

Seven is a special number. It is considered lucky because we have an affinity for it: most people consider seven their favourite number or choose it when asked to pick a number between one and ten.

Seven is prevalent in our daily lives too: seven days in a week, seven continents, seven oceans, seven vertebrae in the neck, seven colours in a rainbow, seven wonders of the ancient world, seven deadly sins. In fact, some researchers argue that human memory works best if it remembers up to seven items.

Seven also features strongly in the religions of the world: in the creation story of the Bible, God made the world in six days and rested on the seven, thus scholars believe it represents perfection or completeness. In Judaism, there are seven heavens. In the Islam’s holy book, the Koran, Muslims making the pilgrimage to Mecca walk around the Kaaba seven times. In Chinese culture, seven represents Yin and Yang combined with the Five Elements (water, fire, earth, wood and metal), while in Confucianism this combination is believed to represent harmony.

Seven is, therefore, an important number and most often a lucky one.

Seven years pass by in a flash.

I have written a lot during these seven years (794 posts on this blog) and a lot has happened. It is enough time to reflect, to grow, to mature, to experience new things, to change the way you react to situations, to learn how to deal with life especially when things don’t come the way you plan or hoped they would. It is time that allows you to become stronger and more resilient. And one way of doing this – for me – is through writing, right here. By making my own experiences and observations into fictional stories. By writing motivational stories that I would really like someone else to tell me. By drawing optimism and positivity from the words that fill a page on a screen.

Seven years may be many or few, depending on how you look at it. But they are part of what makes us who we are and a chance to reflect on where we are, according to where we want to be.

So here’s to many more, with the wish to never run dry of inspiration and creativity!

Seven of a kind were four of them. And in the next months, they became seven. Four yellow and three black. All they had was each other.

They followed each other blindly. Trust was no issue. It never was. That was what family was about. Trusting the other blindly. Unconditionally. Without question.

Sometimes they would split into small groups. Two-three there and another couple a little further away.

They would always find something to do.

And they would always come back together.


Looking out for each other.

They were a family.

Seven ducklings.

Fluffy, cute and lively.

IF only we were all like them.

Seven Wonders of the Word

flickr-wordsKhalil Gibran once said that people will never understand one another unless language is reduced to seven words. What would your seven words be?

This is a funny exercise. Funny in more than one way. Because, can you really reduce an entire language to only seven words? And could those seven words you choose be utilised in a conversation on their own?

Well, there’s a challenge!

The interesting part in these words is that each can mean something different depending on the tone of voice you use, and the circumstances of course.

I chose to include seven words which are widely used and broadly understood to even non-English speakers. And as all ‘good’ vocabulary has it, they include a term of endearment, a term of profanity, an adjective, an abbreviation and…well, words that seemingly mean nothing but are used in pretty much any conversation you have… Just pay attention next time and you’ll see it’s true!

So here are these seven words:

Like – used in for example “it’s like totally awesome!” usually accompanied by twirling of hair around a finger and chewing of gum

Whatever – in like, saying this to avoid continuing a conversation you don’t want to or can’t win

Hello – because it’s easy to have you at it, and everyone in the world knows what it means

F*ck – in many uses, another widely comprehended word

Nice – can be used ironically or truthfully depending on your exclamation and tone

Sweetie – Snoopy’s favourite, it adds a, well, sweetness to anything you say

OK – because everyone knows what this means, and it can apparently never be used too much

But wait, there is something more that can be used in every occasion and in every language, it’s not exactly a word, rather than a sound: “mmmm”, and no, it is not the sound a cow makes (that’s moo), it is a very legitimate sound that if accompanied by a nod and a smile can get you pretty much out of any situation. OK, sweetie?

Nice, huh?



Part of Daily Prompt: Seven Wonders

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