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The cat guest


It showed up at the window unexpectedly. Like most things in life, it arrived unforeseen.

It was timid at first, unsure of whether to stay or leave. You could notice the anguish, the fear, the uncertainty.

It wouldn’t say a word, but it would stare right into your eyes.

As time passed, it would arrive more often, taking further steps inside. The nervousness disappeared and it was more certain.

Then it began uttering sounds; whispers at first that turned into confident statements.

With the passing of days, it became accustomed to being there. It looked forward to those visits.

And then it decided to stay.

The cat at the window chose where it wanted to be. It found love and care there, probed its surroundings, and selected to willingly be there.

It was pretty much how we all react to anywhere we go.

We may lose ourselves at times, and not know how we reached the crossroad we’re at, but if we remember how we got there, we’ll reassess our motives and actions.

Lo mas bonito de perderse es volverse a encontrar (The best thing about getting lost is finding yourself again).


One bright day


It was the first day in over a week that they woke up with sunshine streaming through their windows.

“We need to exploit this brightness!” she said all perky, jumping out of bed to draw the curtains so more light can get in.

“I know exactly how!” he replied.

He revealed a bicycle for her with a basket in front, just as she had coquettishly requested when she saw his own bicycle about a month ago.

They cycled to the marina, where he had prepared another surprise: a boat ride along the calm waters of the canal. Just for them.

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Not what you’re expecting

©Ronda Del Boccio

Life is full of surprises”. It was the phrase that he remembered most from the first book he read as a child.

They weren’t always good ones, but something unexpected always happened.

Just when you think you’ve got things straightened out. Just when you think you can finally take a breath and relax. Just when you’re calm. Right then something happens to remind you that there is nothing routine about life. You can never plan anything.

And just anything can happen. At anytime.

Like that fire that broke out in the middle of the night and burnt the forest down.

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Surprising turnarounds

js-brand.jpgIt was a cloudless sunny day during the last month of winter when they reached the fishing-village. There was no-one around. So much, that it seemed a deserted town. They switched off the engine and took a stroll. Boats of all kinds always fascinated them. They found what seemed like a coffee house and entered. The owner – an elderly man – was delighted that there was someone in his shop he could not stop talking. The elderly always have something wise to say. And it was not soon that their unexpected destination resulted in a priceless purchase: their very own boat.


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The second time around

French barThe first time it happened was during a full moon in a dimly lit French bar down town. He was working behind the bar and she was on a night out with girlfriends. The first instance their eyes met, the lights flickered and it was evident that a connection had been made. But it didn’t all start out so well.

Eleonore and her three friends were enjoying a glass of wine enjoying the musical background of classical jazz. A group of men who were drinking whisky at the nearby table wanted to try their luck at the flirting game. But when they were rejected, they didn’t stop and their insistence spurred a mini-brawl in the bar, resulting in Gabriel – the barman – rushing to the rescue together with the two waiters. The fight ended 15 minutes later with two broken chairs, three broken bottles and double the broken glasses. The rowdy men were thrown out and Gabriel went to wash up. Eleonore felt bad on the one hand that he got involved in a fight but on the other, every woman feels flattered when a man stands up for their honor.

Gabriel did not even approach Eleonore that night, and when the girls finally left in the early hours of the morning, just a few minutes before closing time, their eyes met, but he quickly turned around, pretending to tend to the machines and bottles behind the bar.

Eleonore was disappointed. She thought their instant ‘click’ would lead to more. Now, she would probably never see him again. Unless of course they kept returning to that bar. But she couldn’t show that she was so desperate. She decided to simply forget it all.

A week later, Eleonore’s phone rang. She didn’t recognize the number. “Hello?” She said, curiosity reigning in her voice. “Hi,” a chirpy male voice bounced on the other end of the line. “It’s Gabriel, I work at the bar downtown. We sort of met the other night with that scuffle. I just wanted to ask how you are?” Eleonore’s eyes opened wide and she began to tremble with joy. He had called her! How did he even get her number? But, he called! “I’m fine, thank you! It was very thoughtful of you to call,” she tried sounding calm and neutral. “I was wondering if perhaps you would you like to go out sometime, maybe get to know each other a little bit?” She wanted to scream “YES!”, but instead managed to contain her excitement and utter, “Sure, would tomorrow night be good for you?” “It would be great,” he said. He was just as thrilled but was also trying to hide it. “We’ll talk tomorrow on the details. Have a great day!” “You too!” she said as she took the phone away from her ear and swirled on the spot.

It turns out that even if first impressions don’t work out, that doesn’t necessarily mean the second meeting won’t be wonderful. You just have to believe that something wonderful is always about to happen. Sometimes, it might very well be true!

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1116 days, 37 months, 159 weeks

Love that never ends





It is strange how you find things and people
that will change your life
in places you never expect them to be.

Behind a door
in a conference hall
behind some books you never read.

But that is enough to light a flame
That will burn strong and never cease.
One that will make you braver and better in every sense
That will reinvigorate and launch a dream.

1116 days were well spent
full of a love never before felt
filled with passion and overwhelming care
of affection you never knew was there.

37 months of laughter and smiles
of fun in every form and place
of enjoying life and its surprises
of learning to enjoy whatever came.

159 weeks of fighting the world
of trying to convince people that didn’t care
of putting the view of others’ first
and realizing that was a big mistake.

1116 days of a burning flame
of surviving the thunder and rain
of lasting apart for a number of days
and growing closer and stronger together.

1116 days of sharing
a love and friendship like no other
of experiencing true affection
of dancing under a starry sky.

How can you stop a love so strong?
Just switch off all affection?
For the flame continues to burn
and no matter if the love has ended
it will never stop.

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