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A clever spacedog

German Shepherd puppyWoof! Woof, I said!” Blacktoe yelled at Will Riker right in front of his face and then slurped a wet one on him. That definitely woke him up.

“This guy can’t do anything without me!” he thought.

Ever since he was a young pup and had munched the frisby right out of his hand one day in the park, Will and Blacktoe had been inseparable.

Blacktoe was his most loyal friend, and uss_enterprise_ncc_1701_dunbeknown to anyone else, he was also second-in-command on the Enterprise.

Blacktoe was an exceptional dog. In his opinion, he was a better fleet officer than most of them there. He even proclaimed it: four-legged, furry and proud!

Blogdramedy said Will Riker’s Blacktoe was a bit obscure so she proposed Astro from The Jetsons. Well even though I had already written about Blacktoe, I couldn’t resist, so I hope you don’t mind, but here’s Astro too (the title also fits this piece)!

the-jetsons-don-messick-2Rosie the robot maid had gotten up early that day. Well, she never really slept so that was easy. All the other unnamed robots/contraptions in the house were also hovering around for their daily duties.

Astro wanted to play games. It was boring just sitting there watching robots and aliens go about their routines. Elroy was at playschool, so he had nothing to do.

He thought he should help out too. So he started shaking the rug out the window. But he hadn’t seen Rosie standing right below it, and all Elroy’s futuristic toys fell onto her. Being magnetic they stuck. “I rish I was a rologram now!” he thought!

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