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The greatest value

The thoughts in our head – the negative ones in particular – rent a space there. One that we have difficulty vacating. Don’t let them do that. Raise the rent and kick out everything that is not good for your soul”.

Personal “life coaches” have this ability of making you see things you refuse to acknowledge.

There is a truth in the saying “you’re not a tree. If you don’t like where you are, move”. We have roots to keep us grounded, but that does not need to be literal. Our home is the entire world if we will it to. The key is learning to realise the difference between giving up and knowing when you’ve had enough, and being strong enough to make the changes necessary.

Getting rid of toxic situations is life-changing. It liberates your soul, cleans your mental space and offers you the much-needed peace to be able to evolve and become the best version of you. And that alone is the greatest value you can offer yourself.


The participants in our life

There are some people who come into your life to teach you not to be so naïve. Not everyone is as kind-hearted and selfless as you think. And certainly not everyone wants the best for you.

There are those people who slyly stand by your side, simply to be first in learning all the gossip of your personal life, to gloat on how they’re doing better. They are the ones who feign support, but are the first to leave when they no longer have anything to draw from you. They are also the ones who stick with the ‘other side’, the one they know how badly they treated you and even accused them of it. People like these are the epitome of hypocrisy. And after the initial anger and frustration passes, you realise you’re better off without them, without their toxicity.

But there are other people who are the exact opposite. They are there even when you don’t need them. Silently offering their presence as a soothing element in your life. They are the ones you know will always do their best to help out whenever you need it and for whatever reason. They are the people you long to hear at the end of the day to embark on long conversations on how your respective days went. To exchange advise and reflect on your actions. The ones you share random thoughts with. The ones you want to share good news with because you know they’ll be genuinely happy for you and not want to undermine you for evolving into a better version of you. They are the ones who share your brightness and who help you sparkle a bit more.

There are people in your life you don’t want to lose, because they add value to everything you are and want to accomplish. And there are others whom you sometimes wish you never met.

People appear in our lives because each have their own interests. They stay or go according to your decision too.

You shouldn’t allow anyone to bring you down, simply because they can’t stand you beaming higher.

“People come into your life for a Reason, a Season or a Lifetime”

When you realise you deserve better

©Dawn Miller

When your body and mind are asking for a break, the best thing to do is respect it. Leave. Go out of town to a secluded countryside and breathe.

Let go of all the toxicity that is infiltrating your life. From all the wrong people with their abusive and bad-mannered behaviours, to every single thing that is costing you your peace of mind.

You are easily disappointed because you expect from others all the things you’d be willing to do for them.

When you realise you deserve better, things begin to change.

And you begin to shine a bit brighter.

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