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Riding in the plane with noise

aerial-view-vi-airplane-flying-over-valencia-in-spain-headed-east-towards-the-mediterranean-sea-john-a-shironFedra was traveling for the first time after news of the serious plane crash had surfaced in the media. Although she was a very frequent flyer and never faced any severe plane-related episodes other than the occasional turbulence during bad weather, this time she was a bit afraid. Falling planes had become a kind of a notorious trend lately and the media depiction of the situation was not helping. Just in case, she took a light sedative before boarding.

Everything had proceeded normally. So far.

She noticed the flight was full of many foreigners. And old people. But she took no notice. What difference would it make anyway?

As soon as the plane took off, though, it began.

The noise. The unbearable noise. And it was not coming from the engines.

It was emerging from the old ladies sitting exactly behind her. They were separated by an old man who was unlucky enough to be seated in the middle of this missile exchange of very loud words. Foreign words of a language Fedra could not detect. Maybe something Arab-related? Or perhaps it was Dutch? For some reason the unfamiliarity of the words also made them sound all the more louder. She couldn’t understand whether the women were excited of traveling, of being on a plane, or simply chatterboxes. But they were so loud, even the person ten rows further down complained. Not even the flight attendants could do anything about this. The old ladies couldn’t hear well either, so even telling them to keep it down had to be done loudly and then everything simply became worse.

People all across the plane were hoping food would be served soon to get them to shut up. But that didn’t work either.

Food just made the old ladies even louder, as they were munching and chatting at the same time, probably criticising the food, the service, and who knows what else.

Then the on board purchases had their round and the old ladies got so excited that they stopped the cart and were asking to see things – mostly jewelry – for about ten minutes. The stewardess was not able to accurately decipher what the old ladies were saying, as their foreign language differed greatly from English, and this caused even the stewardess to sigh numerous times. She eventually walked away fifteen minutes later without having managed to sell anything.

The noise continued though.

Passengers trying to get some sleep were now complaining of living a nightmare, while literally everyone was checking the time, hoping the plane would land soon so this martyrdom would end.

It is unavoidable to travel with noise. It is part of human behaviour. But why have we all become so insensitive to every one else around us that we simply do not give a chicken’s feather what anyone else thinks, or if we are causing them discomfort?

When the plane finally landed, the pilot himself opened the cockpit door and requested to see who was making all that noise. When he saw two elderly women picking up their canes and holding on to the unfortunate old man-in-the-middle, he was stunned. How so much noise could be coming out of such a feeble “container” was a mystery to him. And to the control tower to whom he had been reporting.

What the old ladies (and the other passengers) didn’t know, is that right behind them sat a reporter from their hometown who had been recording everything they were saying. Something which he later used for his own reportage. Fedra still didn’t know how, but a few days later she had seen the two familiar faces on a foreign news bulletin during a TV zapping surge one afternoon.

The moral ending is, be considerate of others around you. If nothing else, you never know who might be listening and what consequences that may have.

Also part of Daily Prompt: What a Twist!


The ring, the stranger, and the spiders

gold ringThe golden ring was stolen on a Monday. Lewis couldn’t sleep until he had figured out a way to get it back. It was already Wednesday by the time he had devised a plan that might work.

He knew who had stolen it. He remembered a dark, sinister strange, brushing against him as he hastily left the room that day.

It only took a minute. He still did not know how it had happened. But the golden ring with the sapphire-shaped heart in the middle had somehow disappeared along with the stranger that day.

It was an extravagantly dressed, corpulent woman who had noticed it first, as her shrieks even scared the guard dogs outside. It did not seem that the glass surrounding the luxurious and exorbitant ring was cracked at all. So how on earth did they manage to steal it?

Lewis remembered following the stranger into an alley behind the Museum. But there was absolutely nothing there, other than three walls leading to a dead-end. And the stranger was gone.

All day Tuesday Lewis contrived his plan and suitably equipped himself for the mission that lay ahead. Two special policemen accompanied him to the end of the alley, but from there he would continue alone. It was his responsibility and he would be the one to retrieve the ring.

They scanned the area for a whole five minutes before they found it. The stranger’s escape route.

It was a trapdoor at the left side – the darkest part – of the alley. But the minute Lewis shed his torch light on the dark abyss that opened up below, his heart stopped.

A hairy-legged black spider crawled slowly out of the darkness onto the grey-stoned alley road. And then another. And another.

Lewis hated spiders. And most importantly he feared them. He shivered all over with disgust as he dreaded the idea of climbing down there with these awful creatures.

No, he would not. He could not. There must be another way. This would simply be a decoy. The real exit was elsewhere.

Soon the left side of the alley was slowly being taken over by spiders.

Lewis shuddered and jumped up with such a yell that the museum guard dogs ran to his rescue. They had been trained to react with every scream.

Lucky for him that they did not have the same problem with spiders. They quickly forced them all back under the trap door.

But the most fortunate coincidence of all was when one of the dogs chased around one spider which was pretty fast for its genre, crashed out of excitement onto the back wall, and revealed the real exit.

The back wall was simply plaster. Thick layers of plaster.

After that, it all fell into place quite easily.

The wall opened up to a wooden, poorly constructed shed, where apparently the stranger-thief had hidden the priceless jewel in a shoebox until he returned from somewhere. All it took from now on was a hideout until the stranger came. He didn’t take long; only 40 minutes.

The ring was returned to the Museum. And the dogs given a life supply of bones and treats.

What was most surprising though, was that the ring thief was actually the extravagantly-dressed, corpulent woman’s husband, who also happened to be the ex-director of the Museum who had been fired for misconduct and embezzlement a year ago.

Revenge can truly take astonishing turns.

But payback does belong to a dog.


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Rewriting the magic

pinocchio_by_ireprincess-d4hni8vFairy tales always make you smile. And leave you with a fuzzy warm feeling like a heartfelt hug. Because they remind you that sometimes life can be wonderful and as dream-like as you wish it to be.

We’ve all grown up with fairy tales. But sometimes, when we’re older we like to imagine how these would be if they were given a different twist!

Prompted by H.E.Ellis that’s exactly what I did with the story of Pinocchio – you know what the story of the wooden puppet is, right? Well, you think you do! You haven’t heard this version of it before!

Because this version is modernized, to include gambling, coins (lots of them!), greed, profanity, shipwrecks, and…well, magic!

So go ahead, read this! And don’t worry, your nose won’t get bigger! 🙂

And just to make it clear, here is the link to the full story:

A shot at the ranch

Silver Lake Ranch“I call shotgun!” he yelled as he raced to the car, opened the Jeep door and clambered up onto the passenger seat.

Virginia smiled, as she saw her son beaming with excitement. Going to the ranch was Trevor’s idea. He had wanted to get out of the city for so long and this was a perfect weekend to do so. He had even managed to get Tommy all thrilled about it. So it had to be an amazing time.

It was a three-hour drive up to the ranch. Tommy was wide-eyed and gleaming all throughout the scenic route. There was no way he was going to sleep this one out!

As the car approached the driveway, Hector and Elisa emerged from inside the large wooden doors of the house and waved, happily strolling towards them. They hadn’t seen them for years and it could get lonely up there.

Trevor got out of the car and took a deep breath, inhaling the beauty of the countryside and the pureness of the air. There was just something different in the atmosphere there.

But Virginia felt differently. She shivered as the breeze hit her, as if something eerie had brushed against her. She had never been to the ranch before, but she could see the sparkle in Trevor’s eyes whenever he talked about it, and just couldn’t say no. Particularly, when Tommy also lit up in the prospect of visiting a ranch.

But there was something strange there. Something that just didn’t seem right. For now, she decided to ignore it. It was going to be a fun weekend. And nothing was going to spoil that.

After a delicious lunch with Hector and Elisa, Virginia went for a stroll down the lake with Tommy, as Trevor inspected his childhood dwellings and the changes that had occurred all these years. The stables were spotless, and all the animals were superbly taken care of. The ranch was in good hands and being there transmitted a feeling of calm, tranquility and peace. All of which were absent in a big city.

The sunset was majestic. And as the lake gulped up the last ray, Tommy took hold of his mother’s hand and made their way back up to the house.

Elisa had prepared a luscious dinner out on the porch, where the only sounds heard were the nightingales singing and the river flowing melodically along.

Night came before anyone even realized what time it was, and soon they were all sound asleep in the most comfortable beds they had ever experienced.

But, in the pitch black of the night, that serenity was disturbed by a deafening shot. A shot that felt like a piercing in the ears, as if a thousand plates were broken all at once, smashed onto a marble floor.

Trevor sprung up in fright. A strange feeling had overwhelmed him. He felt his way into the hall, desperately trying to find a light switch. When he finally did, he felt the electric currents flow into his veins. Cold sweat trickled down his back as light flooded the room. His heart was pacing as if he had just sprinted there as fast as he could. His mouth was dry and he felt a lump in his throat. But no matter how hard he tried in the years to come, nothing would ever erase from his mind the sight he witnessed before him at that very moment.

Virginia lay there half-naked in a pool of her own blood. Rigid. Empty. Lifeless.


Also part of Daily Prompt: What a Twist

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