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The most important element

There are four natural elements: air, fire, water and earth. They are mentioned from the zodiac signs, to the Planeteers.

What we tend to forget is that these are within us – our thoughts, passion, emotions, life, but most important of all is our heart; our desire.

Also part of Weekend Writing Prompt #199


Lessons in the wind wind was racing outside her window. It was storming its way across the land, causing everything in its way to swish along with it. People were terrified of this force of nature. It left them feeling powerless because there was nothing they could do to stop it. And people fear what they cannot control.

But in cases of howling winds, there are two things you can do, like a Chinese proverb says: either build a wall against it, or build windmills to use it.

Just as everything that occurs whether we like it or not, we can either choose to shield ourselves and pretend it doesn’t happen, or actually do something and react to it.

Winds are useful in our lives. They demonstrate a change that is happening regardless of what we think. And it reminds us how powerless we are in our natural habitat.

A vampire in the fridge

Candle bookIt was night. Darkness had spread its grasp as the wind was howling through the cracks in the window sills. Jane was sitting on the couch, curled up under a blanket reading a book about vampires. The theme seemed to be in fashion lately, so she thought she might as well give it a try.

There was a full moon that night. The mist had stretched its claws over the forest and you could barely see further than two metres ahead. Lilly was scared but at the same time excited. She was sure he would come. She hoped he would. And she was waiting for him. Her bedroom window had been left open on purpose. The curtain was dancing with the breeze. She was on the second floor but that was not a problem for him. Vampires could jump to extraordinary heights and had inexplicable strength and stamina. But he was late. He promised he would be there 20 minutes ago. It was not like him to be late. Suddenly, everything turned dark. A power cut in the area? Or was the evil vampire clan back? Lilly felt cold sweat running down her spine. What could she do? She heard a noise from the kitchen. Was someone in there? How did they get in? Only her window was open. She took the flashlight from her drawer and tiptoed down the stairs to see. She was terrified but had to check. There was no evidence of any intrusion. Until she reached the kitchen…There was a broken plate on the floor and she had to tread carefully to avoid cutting her feet on the pieces. And the fridge door was half-open…but the light wasn’t on… That’s weird, she thought, as she approached with a trembling hand…

Chaf! The lights went off and Jane was left in complete darkness. Let alone the curiosity of what was in the fridge, she now had to face a black out.  Damn it, she thought, and I don’t even know if I have a torch, never mind where I keep it! She got up, feeling her way to the chest of drawers behind the couch where she was certain she had candles and matches. She lit one up and was making her way back to the couch, when she heard something crashing in the kitchen. She froze immediately. For a minute she stood petrified. The book wasn’t coming to life, was it? She wasn’t expecting anyone, let alone a vampire. She cautiously moved with only the flicker of a candle to guide her. On entering the kitchen she detected pieces of broken glass on the floor. And the window was half open. What’s going on?! That book was just a silly tale! But just to be sure she opened the fridge as carefully as she could – the light was on, and there was nothing bizarre in there, well, nothing that shouldn’t be there. She turned to face the window when a cold breeze rushed in and blew out the candle. Standing alone and frightened in the dark, she shared Lilly’s anguish. And then…

Then she felt something soft and furry rubbing up against her feet. She screamed and jumped up and down and almost stepped on it. “MIAAAAOGGRRRR”. It was only Missy. Where had she been all this time, anyway? Power was back and she could finally resolve the mystery: the wind blew open the window which apparently had not been sealed properly, and the cat, scared as it was, rushed over the sink and threw down a glass. That was all. No vampires. No unexpected visitors. Now back to the previous story…or should she?

Also part of Daily Prompt: Fright Night

Also part of NaBloPoMo (November 2013)

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