MC's Whispers

Whispering Silences

50 shades of white

santa and mrs clausShe woke up feeling undesirable that day. Only Vixen could understand her loneliness. She hadn’t been touched by him for almost a month now. Why? Was she getting fat? Was she getting old? Was it the white hair? What was wrong? Cupid tried to calm her down and reassured her that she was just as gorgeous and desirable as during her younger hippy years. She wished he thought so too. The girls finally convinced her to seduce him that night. Prancer chose her sexy outfit, while Vixen gave her tips on what to do. She felt confident and ready!

Come nightfall she lit up all the candles in the bedroom. Put on her lace underwear and waited. He was bound to arrive soon. She slid into the en-suite bathroom for a clearer view of him. It didn’t take long for the door to open and him to enter. He took off his boots, his shirt and his pants. Her heart was pounding. He was so masculine! She slowly opened the bathroom door and posed – just like she saw Marilyn do in all those movies. Sexy and desirable. As she felt at the moment. His heart began to race and he felt he was going to have a heart attack. “My, my” he said, quite aroused. “You look…”. “Yes, I do”, she interrupted his gulping. She started moving towards the bed, as he stood up ready to engulf her in his arms. “It’s been too long”, they both thought.

She wanted to race over and jump into his arms with her legs wrapped around him like she has seen lovers do and then both of them fall back on the bed.

She tried doing that.

It worked in her head.

But not in reality.

She jumped onto him. Their bellies clashed. He fell back onto the bed which broke clashing with a thump and causing a crack on the floor. “My back” he managed to muffle from within Mrs Claus’s big breasts.

Rudy had been woken up by the noise and the dust falling on his head – his room was beneath Santa’s. Frightened as he was, he alerted the others, and soon nine reindeer were indiscreetly poking in on an almost indecent scene – Santa on his back on a bed on the floor and Mrs Claus right on top of him in her lacy underwear. “Well, that’s not something for the kids”, said Rudy. “No, that’s Santa’s Xmas!” laughed Vixen.


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