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Ticket lines

©Na’ama Yehuda

They had announced tickets were on sale on a rainy Tuesday morning. That didn’t stop people from lining up for miles in the street under the pouring rain.

Some wanted to purchase tickets for a show they had waited almost a lifetime to see.

Some others wanted simply to be part of the hype, to maintain the sense of belonging to something socially trending; to be able to say “I was there too”.

Some others were there to surprise their loved ones with the tickets in hand later that day. Because sometimes, showing you care requires less than you think.

Also part of Friday Fictioneers

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12 thoughts on “Ticket lines

  1. Very nice, Maria Christina.



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  2. Everyone thee for a reason, and everyone very wet!

    Here’s my story.

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  3. Human kindness is a beautiful thing. I admire anyone who is able to stand in line for long periods of time to get what they want, as it shows patience, which is an admirable quality.

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  4. Those days when you had to queue for tickets… Now it’s all online or over the ‘phone which is more frustrating and less fun, especially when you finally get through and all the tickets are sold out!

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  5. Who did you have in mind for the act they are queuing to see?

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  6. It really is the little things that count. Nicely done.

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