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Three people walk into a bar . . .

hear_no_evil_see_no_evil_speak_no_evil_monkeys_postcard-p239679224972965607envli_400The first was walking with a cane and walked straight into it as he couldn’t see.

The second couldn’t hear the “ouch” and was distracted looking at the cane flying through the air, crashing into it.

And the third. Well, the third couldn’t speak, so he couldn’t warn them of the bar ahead. But as they were walking into it…it would be a shame not to be the third time charm!


A response to today’s Daily Prompt: Fill In the Blank

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7 thoughts on “Three people walk into a bar . . .

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  5. lol just can’t be left out of all the fun huh? love the monkeys


  6. Poor third one – a guilty conscience and a headache to match!


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