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100 is a milestone. In every respect. And this is my 100th post. So to celebrate, here’s a life-embracing, heart-warming, hopefully-inspiring (!) story…


Tina had just finished braiding her pigtails. She loved the feeling of innocence, carefreeness and childhood that these emitted, and in these hard times for her, she so longed for something lighter to lift off the weight of the world that had rested on her shoulders.

She was stuck at a job she did not like, in a city she despised, living in a neighbourhood with people she didn’t even talk to. Her only true friend was her Maltese dog, Polly. And today, it seemed she was the only one who remembered. The one who rushed into the room this morning slapping a big, juicy slurp on her as she prepared to get out of bed.

Tina wasn’t looking forward to a day at work today. She didn’t really think her presence even mattered there. And her colleagues…they were nice, but…really? Just “nice”? She was hoping that all those kitchen conversations would lead to something more. That she would find friends in that group who demonstrated they cared.

She arrived at the office, looking brighter than usual. It was her day after all. And she tried to embrace it. As she opened the door, certain it was going to be “another day at the office”, she heard a loud tooting of party horns accompanied by enthusiastic cheers wishing her a happy birthday. She walked in and found her colleagues in party-wear, the room decorated joyfully, and a large mouthwatering cake waiting for its candles to be blown out.

What a surprise! Tina was enthralled. Just when you least expect it a light appears in your darkness.

Life is like an adventure. And there is always a party waiting for you at the end! There is always land across a boundless ocean. You just have to be patient and bold enough to weather the storm to get there. After all, the only way to see the rainbow is to endure the rain.

Also part of
Trifecta Writing Challenge – the prompt word was LIGHT (noun)

3: a source of light: as
a : a celestial body
b : candle
c : an electric light


Also part of Daily Prompt: Exhale


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24 thoughts on “Life is an ocean

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  8. angelgal3176 on said:

    Birthdays and milestones – always something to be celebrated! For instance, even tho I’m only to about 25 followers on my blog, I’m wondering what I’m going to do for the 100 mark! And if it should be on my Facebook Author Page or my Blog. Hmmm!


  9. Draug419 on said:

    Congrats on the 100th! I’m nearly there haha 😀 Great story!


  10. Lovely! And yes, congratulations on your 100th post! What a great way to celebrate. Love the optimism in this story. 🙂


  11. On those days you feel you do not matter a party to reassure you would be great. I had a day like that yesterday.


  12. Surprise! Always nice to be celebrated. Happy 100!


  13. Aw, that’s nice! Happy 100th!


  14. A happy story… how nice! Perfect for #100… Congratulations, MC.


  15. Congratulations on reaching 100. Entertaining and well written post. Thank you for sharing. (balloons O 0 Oo@ o0) (Confetti ..:,”=::.,””) (Cake !#!)


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