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Can a painkiller cure a broken heart?

HeartbrokenTaking life in your own hands is difficult. And painful. But like the saying goes, “whatever is worth it, is painful and hard”. You can’t just keep waiting for things to change so your life can begin. You have to take charge and change things yourself, otherwise you’ll just stay stagnant, wondering, and waiting. Forever waiting for something that might never come…

Life is hard. No-one said it would be easy. But you have to keep trying for it to be worth it. You get the good with the bad, but at the end they’re all experiences, and you will learn something out of each and every one of them. Life is a lesson. A lesson that will get the better out of you. That will make you stronger, braver, and more confident. It’s not enough to simply wish upon those stars, you need to aim for the moon so at least you’ll land among them. Not trying is not an option.

And if your heart gets broken along the way, that’s part of life too. Or like the French say, c’est la vie! It can’t stay broken forever. At some point you will run into a remedy. Be it a new experience or a new perspective on an old one.

But until that happens, I too wonder, can a painkiller cure a broken heart?


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