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Nothing Normal

© Marie Gail Stratford

There was a time when you’d find a never-opened fully-filled water bottle and take it to give to the first person in need you’d encounter a bit further down your way.

There was a time when you wouldn’t think twice before entering a crowded bus, or a shopping store.

There was a time when hugs were abundant, and felt as warm and loving as a meeting with friends.

There was a time when our concern was to which part of the world to travel next.

Nothing seems normal anymore.

Perhaps because that past ‘normal’ was too often taken for granted.

Also part of Friday Fictioneers


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8 thoughts on “Nothing Normal

  1. Mm, powerful AND true.

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  2. Normal will be different, when it happens. I hope

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  3. You are so correct. In the last few decades we have taken a lot for granted. I remember in the seventies I had to have a series of inoculations and certificates before I could travel to Central America, Asia and even Italy… times changed.
    I believe we are in for a reset of standards were more medical checks will be mandatory – we do not want to go through the present situation again – me thinks. again

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