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Illuminating Trees

© Dale Rogerson

Why do we really need to cut down a tree to decorate it for a month? Isn’t that a waste”? Mary had taken her vegan habits too seriously, questioning almost everything we ever do.

But that’s its life purpose”, little Joseph stoically responded.

Do you know that this tradition may have started out as ‘Paradise Trees’ in Bible stories-plays acted out in Medieval Germany to represent the Garden of Eden? Pagans used evergreen tree branches as decorations during the winter solstice to remind them spring is coming”.

Think of it as an optimistic reminder, illuminating something that gives us life”.

Also part of Friday Fictioneers


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17 thoughts on “Illuminating Trees

  1. Love that little historical insight. We are not the only people who have ever inhabited the earth 🙂

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  2. Interesting take.

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  3. Well that certainly sheds enough light on it. Well done.

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  4. You chose a perfect title for your story. Trees are endless sources of wisdom.


  5. I know that my nearest Christmas Tree farm plants at least one new tree to replace each one that’s felled which makes me feel a little less guilty!

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  6. We are a wasteful society, even the do-gooder-climate change people have their faults–con’t see the wood for the trees come to mind.

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  7. I’m not fond of cutting down trees merely for decorating either. On the other hand, there’s so much commercial foresting done that’s worse for the environment and forest life… and yes, having something green in these dark months is helpful.

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  8. I made the mistake last week of mentioning said pagan tradition to someone at church. I don’t mind a tree… but I don’t think I like it on the altar area. Man, you would have thought I was the worst for mentioning it’s origins. Ugh! BTW, we have an artificial tree because we don’t believe in cutting one down just for a few weeks decoration. Happy New Year!

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  9. Mary may feel fallen branches would be enough

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