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Booster talks

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I talk to them”.

The globally renowned herbologist’s answer to how her plants grow healthier and faster than average stunned the reporter.

Studies have shown that talking to plants helps them grow faster. I believe the sound of a soft, caring voice is perceived as vibrations, and plants can sense the love you give to them. Kind of like humans or animals do”.

“But they also give something back. When I’m in my greenhouse, I also get a much-needed psychological boost. Spending time with and around my green-leafed friends can be calming and it promotes good mental and physical health”.

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10 thoughts on “Booster talks

  1. We’re all interconnected, all part of the biosphere and we need the plants. I talk to mine as well.

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  2. I believe it! Some people sing to their plants 🙂

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  3. YES!!!! This!!!!! We have a garden plot in a fenced community garden (fences around her are necessary because of the deer population). My favorite times are when I’m down there weeding, pruning, and watering.

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  4. Plants and humans have a natural affinity for each other. Plants give us oxygen, our breath of life, and humans give plants CO2, their breath of life. Plants have been my buddies for a long time ❤

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  5. michael1148humphris on said:

    Talking is helpful I agree, but only when both parties are relating to each other.

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