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A room for you

©Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

We all need a room of our own. A space we can escape to. To dream, create, meditate, dance, sing or simply to be silent in. Four walls in which the world is locked out and we forge our own rules and conditions of how things operate.

We need our own room for our own mental sanity.

Because regardless, there are moments you need to regroup. To regain yourself, to gather your thoughts, to reconsider your perspective on life, what you did right and wrong.

We need an area to get lost in so that we can find ourself again.

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16 thoughts on “A room for you

  1. I have two such spaces – one for work, one for devotion. Both sacred to me, and I hope to my Lord. I give Him free control in both. At least that is my goal.

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  2. Your post brought to mind Susannah Wesley, mother of 19, including the famous Wesley Brothers who founded the Methodist church. When she need a minute alone, she didn’t have her own room. She simply threw her apron over her head, and the children all knew to leave her alone until she emerged from under the voluminous fabric of her apron.

    What did she do under there? According to her own testimony, sometimes she wept from sheer exhaustion. Sometimes she just allowed her mind to go blank. But always, she prayed.

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  3. angelalynndale on said:

    Nice description, it pulled me in. Makes me wish I had a room of my own

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  4. I couldn’t agree more!

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  5. You’re so right. We all need a place to regroup. Well said.

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  6. I agree, And for me, add he outdoors and the swimming pool. 🙂

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  7. So very true.

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  8. Yes, well do need those moments to ourselves where we can try and understand what life is all about.

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